Here are the electronic versions of some of my talks, given in classes, seminars, or conferences.

If you wish to use the contents of one of these documents for your own classes or research, please do so, but tell me about it.

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Impatient Customers and Optimal Control
11th Workshop on Retrial Queues and Related Topics 31 August 2016 Slides [PDF]
Well-Balanced Designs for Unreliable Data Placement
AGCO Seminar, Santiago de Chile 13 April 2016 Slides [PDF]
On the convergence of the Rolling Horizon procedure
2nd GdR RO/COS Meeting 2015, Paris 3 December 2015 Slides [PDF]
Performance evaluation... of a Laser
Seminar in the honor of Pr. E. Gelenbe/ISCIS 2015, London 23 September 2015 Slides [PDF]
Modeling with Markov chains: the MARMOTE software
Labex UCN@Sophia seminar 3 September 2015 Slides [PDF]
A Markovian queueing system for modeling a smart green base station
EPEW 2015, Madrid, Spain 31 August 2015 Slides [PDF]
Carbon sequestration policies in leaky reservoirs: sufficient conditions for optimality and Economic interpretations
Workshop of the ANR CLEANER, Annecy, France 1 février 2013 Slides [PDF]
Variations on the data replication and placement problem
TREC Seminar, Paris 3 avril 2012 Slides [PDF]
Optimality of Impulse Harvesting Policies
Seminar of the GERAD, Montreal 16 May 2011 Slides [PDF]
Optimal scheduling services in a queueing system with impatience and setup costs
ISCIS 2010, London 22 September 2010 Slides [PDF]
Flow-Level Modeling of Parallel Download in Distributed Systems
CTRQ 2010, Glyfadas/Athens 15 June 2010 Slides [PDF]
Population Effects in Multiclass Processor Sharing Queues
Valuetools 2009, Pisa 20 October 2009 Slides [PDF]
A Learning Mechanism for Pareto Optima
Workshop of the INRIA Popeye Collaborative Research Action, Grenoble 22 May 2008 Slides [PDF]
On the existence of incentive equilibria
Seminar of the Laboratory of Informatics, Avignon, France 23 November 2006 Slides [PDF]
On the compromise between burstiness and frequency of events
PERFORMANCE 2005, Juan-les-Pins, France 7 October 2005 Slides [PDF]
On overloaded queues
25th Anniversary of the GERAD, Montreal, Canada 13 May 2005 Slides [PDF]
The Interaction of Forward Error Correction and Active Queue Management
NETWORKING 2005, Waterloo, Canada 5 May 2005 Slides [PDF] + annex [PDF]
Contrôle optimal dans les réseaux et mots équilibrés
EJC'O5: École Jeunes Chercheurs en Algorithmique et Calcul Formel, Montpellier 6 April 2005 Slides [PDF]
Interaction de FEC avec des mécanismes de gestion active des files d'attente
CFIP'05: 11ème Colloque Francophone sur l'Ingéniérie des Protocoles 1 April 2005 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Markov-Modulated Arrival Processes in Queueing Theory
30th Conference on the Mathematics of Operations Research, Lunteren, The Netherlands 19 January 2005 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
On Overloaded Queues
30th Conference on the Mathematics of Operations Research, Lunteren, The Netherlands 18 January 2005 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
On the Existence of Credible Incentive Equilibria
11th ISDG, International Symposium on Dynamic Games, Tucson, Arizona, USA 21 December 2004 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Analysis of Forward Error Correction in Packet Networks
Seminar Technical University Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso 15 October 2004 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Markov-Modulated Models for Traffic Modeling
Seminar Technical University Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso 13 October 2004 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Modèles Markoviens Fluides et Discrets
Meeting of the AS 182 Working Group (Perf. Sys. Distrib.), Paris 30 September 2004 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Conjectural Variations Equilibria -- Part I: Static Equilibria
Seminar of the GERAD, Montréal 26 April 2004 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Conjectural Variations Equilibria -- Part II: Dynamic Equilibria
Seminar of the GERAD, Montréal 26 April 2004 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Évaluation de Performances de Systèmes à Événements Discrets: De la théorie à la pratique
Journées de l'AS 80 SyDyMA, Caen 10 December 2003 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Les Chaînes de Markov: fondements, propriétés, constructions, calcul
1ère Journée Mathématique et Informatique pour la Biodiversité de l'IFR 119, Montpellier 31 October 2003 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
L'approche trajectorielle pour les systèmes temps-réel
7ème Journée de l'Action Spécifique AS01 (Automatique et réseaux de communication), Nantes 18 October 2002 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Modèles de Markov modulés pour l'horloge moléculaire
Journées du groupe MAS de la SMAI, Grenoble 3 September 2002 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Polynomial algorithms for Taylor Expansions of (max,+) systems (with Michael Heusch)
IFORS'02 Conference, Edinburgh 9 July 2002 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Modèles de trafic modulés par chaînes de Markov
Séminaire Réseaux du LAG/ENSIEG 16 January 2002 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Performance Evaluation of Networks: New Problems and Challenges
6th Asian Computing Science Conference 26 November 2000 Slides [PDF]
Internet Performance - An introduction to Performance evaluation with application to the Internet
12th ASIAN School on Computer Science, Bangkok 22 November 2000 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF+Gzip]
Files d'attente et modèles de Trafic
ECOTEL: Deuxième École d'Hiver des Télécommunications de Sophia-Antipolis 8 December 1999 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF+Gzip]
On the influence of resequencing on the regularity of service
Performance'99, Istambul 16 October 1999 Slides [PS+Gzip] [PDF]
Automates, systèmes à événements discrets et évaluation de performances
École Jeunes Chercheurs en Algoritmique et Calcul Formel, Talence 24 March 1999 Support [PS+Gzip]
Non-Ambiguous Petri Nets and their Application to the Modeling of ATM Switches
Wodes'98, Cagliari 26 August 1998 Slides [PS+Gzip]
Sur la convergence de développements de Taylor dans les systèmes à événements discrets poissonniens
Premier congrès ROADEF 19 January 1998 Slides [PS+Gzip]

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