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Bastien Laville

Ph.D. formerly @ Morpheme
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About Me

I am a Ph.D. in applied mathematics for biomedical imaging, under the supervision of Laure Blanc-Féraud and Gilles Aubert in the Morpheme team. Here is a short CV.

PhD Thesis

I worked on the thesis 'Off-the-grid curve reconstruction: theory and applications to fluorescence microscopy'. We aim to recover Radon measures (Dirac spikes, curves), elements of the Banach $\mathcal{M}(\mathcal{X})$ or $\mathscr{V}$, from a stack of low-frequency measurements; which have practical applications for biomedical imaging e.g. fluorescence microscopy or ultrasound imaging.

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Research Interests

In the following, see the reconstruction performed by an off-the-grid based method (middle) on an experimental SMLM acquistion stack, versus the mean of the stack (left) and the result by the other state-of-the-art method namely SRRF.
An illustration of the off-the-grid method




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OPS: Off-the-grid Package made Simple 🎻

As part of the PhD thesis, we developped an accessible and ready-to-play implementation of the state-of-the-art methods in the off-the-grid field. The package is designed towards end users, with a focus on efficiency through a Pytorch backend coupled with CUDA parallelisation. Take a glance at our python module, contact me to take part in this project! An illustration of the python package

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