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Bastien Laville

Ph.D. formerly @ Morpheme
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About Me

I got my Ph.D. in calculus of variations applied to biomedical imaging, under the supervision of Laure Blanc-Féraud and Gilles Aubert in the Morpheme team. I am now working on spatial observation research, and really eager to pursue collaborations in various fields, especially related to inverse problem, optics, and computational physics as a whole. Feel free to contact me!

PhD Thesis

My thesis focused on off-the-grid methods, leveraging variational principle. It aims to recover curve structures located on a continuum from low-frequency/diffraction-limited measurements; with practical applications in optical science, e.g. biomedical imaging with fluorescence microscopy or ultrasound imaging. See the manuscript and slides.

In the following, see the reconstruction performed by an off-the-grid based method (middle) on an experimental SMLM acquistion stack, v. the mean (left) an other state-of-the-art method, SRRF.

An illustration of the off-the-grid method

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