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Tralics is a free software whose purpose is to convert a LaTeX document into an XML file. It is used since 2002 for instance to produce the Inria's annual activitity report. It is developped by the Apics Team (and Marelle Team since 2011) of Inria.

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Printed Documentation and Examples

Online Documentation

HTML documentation of all TeX commands, in alphabetic order: Symbols A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Characters Arrays Unimplemented

List of all known packages

The errror messages of Tralics

Options of the tralics command

Tralics and LaTeX3

This web page explains some concepts used in other pages and gives some starting examples.

Getting started shows trivial examples, as well as a full document with title, index, bibliography, etc.

Tralics and the raweb explains in details how the translator can be used.

New features of the RA2007 explains in French some changes in the handling of the Ra2007, updated for 2008

Example: \primes macro, TeXbook, Chapter 20.


Notes on bibliographical references

Computing pi (tex file)

See also: EuroTeX slides (pdf)

Status of the Software

What's new ? you can consult the ChangeLog file.

Current version is 2.15.4 released 25-november-2015; modfoed 26-may-2017
version 2.15.3 released 06-august-2015
version 2.15.2 released 22-jan-2015
version 2.15.1 released 25-july-2013
version 2.15.0 released 31-august-2012
version 2.14.5 released 06-july-2012
version 2.14.4 released 07-nov-2011
version 2.14.3 released 02-may-2011
version 2.14.2 released 11-apr-2011
Previous version 2.13 released 20-jul-2008
Previous version 2.12 released 21-apr-2008
Previous version 2.11 released 29-11-2007
Previous version 2.10 released 02-05-2007,
Previous version 2.9 released 26-10-2006.


Source is available.
current version 2.15.4 (dated 26-may-2017)
version 2.15.3 (dated 06-august-2015)
version 2.15.2 (dated 22-jan-2015)
version 2.15.1 (dated 25-july-2013)
version 2.15.0 (dated 31-august-2012)
version 2.14.5 (dated 6-july-2012)
version 2.14.4 (dated 07-nov-2011)
version 2.14.3 (dated 02-may-2011)
version 2.14.2 (dated 11-april-2011)
version 2.14.1 (dated 27-january-2011)
version 2.13.7 (dated 26-october-2010)
version 2.13.6 (dated 24-november-2009)
version 2.13.5 (dated 24-november-2008)
version 2.13.3 (dated 27-october-2008)
version 2.13.0 (dated 20-july-2008)
version 2.13.2 (dated 16-october-2008)
version 2.13.1 (dated 03-october-2008)
version 2.12.8 (dated 18-july-2008)
version 2.12 (dated 5-may-2008)
version 2.11.8 (dated 15-apr-2008)
version 2.11 (released 29-11-2007)
version 2.10 (released 04-05-2007)
(see below for other versions)


You can get some binaries:
tralics 2.13.6 for Linux (fedora 10)
tralics 2.13.6 for MacOS 10.5 (Intel)
tralics 2.13.3 for Windows (compiled on cygwin using gcc3.4.4)
tralics 2.13.3 for Macos 10.4 PPC
tralics 2.11 for Macos 10.4 PPC
tralics 2.11 for linux FC5
tralics 2.10 for linux Fedora
tralics 2.10 for Macos PPC
(see below for other versions)

Extra files

Since version 2.12.7, tralics-src-x.y.tar.gz contains only the sources, and tralics-extra-x.y.tar.gz contains the extra files needed for the raweb.
extra files for version 2.13.4 (dated 13-november-2008)
extra files for version 2.12.7 (dated 8-july-2008)


This software is governed by the CeCILL license that can be found at the following URL


The LaTeX Companion, Goossens, Mittelbach and Samarin, Addison-Wesley, 1994.

The LaTeX Companion, Mittelbach, Goosens and others, Addison-Wesley, 2004. (second edition, abbreviated as TLC2).

The TeXbook, Knuth, Addison-Wesley, 1984. (page numbers correspond to the 1993 edition).

LaTeX, A Documentation Preparation System, Lamport, Addison-Wesley, 1985. Second edition 1994. (page numbers correspond to 7th printing 1998).

Old versions

Source code of other versions: version 2.12.6 (dated 4-july-2008)
version 2.12.4 (dated 20-june-2008)
version 2.12.3 (dated 6-june-2008)
version 2.12.2 (dated 29-may-2008)
version 2.11.7 (dated 4-apr-2008)
version 2.11.6 (released 22-feb-2008)
version 2.11.5 (released 18-feb-2008)
version 2.11.4 (released 07-feb-2008)
version 2.11.2 (released 19-12-2007)
version 2.10.8 (released 20-11-2007)
version 2.10.5 (released 02-08-2007)
version 2.9.4 (released 18-02-2007)
version 2.9.3 (released 17-01-2007)
version 2.9.1 (released 16-11-2006)
version 2.9 (released 26-10-2006)
version 2.8.1 (temporary version)
version 2.8, released 01-08-2006
version 2.7 patch level 6, released 05-07-2006.
version 2.7 patch level 5, released 27-06-2006.
version 2.7 patch level 4, released 26-06-2006.
for version 2.6 patch level 7, released 30-01-2006.
for version 2.6 released 10-08-2005.
for version 2.4 released 30-11-2004.
(version 2.3 released 05-10-2004.)

Binary code, old versions
linux version 2.9
linux fedora Core5, version 2.9
windows version 2.9 (compiled on Cygwin, using gcc 3.4.4)
Macos version 2.8
linux version 2.8
windows version 2.8 (compiled on Cygwin, using gcc 3.4.4)
linux 2.6
linux 2.7pl6(compiled on Cygwin, using gcc 2.91.57
windows (cygwin) 2.7 (pl5)
linux 2.6(pl7) compiled on fedora
linux 2.6 (statically compiled)
Windows, 2.6 (compiled on Cygwin, using gcc 2.91.57)
MacOS X, 2.6
MacOS 10.4, 2.6pl7, with gcc4.0.0

Other binary versions
linux 2.6(pl2)
Windows, 2.3 (pl4) (compiled on Cygwin, using gcc 2.91.57)
linux 2.3(pl4)
solaris6, 2.2
solaris8, 2.2
linux 2.2 (statically compiled)
MacOS X, 1.5c


The development of the Tralics software started while the author was in a team named Miaou. This research team is called `Apics' since 01-01-2004. The official home page of Tralics is now Author: José

The motivations for this translator can be found in the research report number RT-0265 (in french).
The translator (in its Perl version) was used to convert Inria's ``Rapport d'activité'' 2001 into XML and Pdf.
The tralics documentation is also available on, through the following links inria-00000198 and inria-0069870. It is unlikely that these files are up to date.

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