ChangeLog for the Tralics software

See file Old ChangeLog for older versions. Patches to current version (2.15.4) start here. Difference with the previous version (2.15.0) start here.


Version 2.14

  1. [2011-01-24, Version 2.14.1]
    [bibtex] Added the serial number to the bibtex sort key .
    [txmath] Corrected tracing of $\hspace{2mm}$.
    Improved printing of math tokens in case of fonts.
    Corrected translation of \left in nomath-2 mode.
    Added \negmedspace \negthickspace .
    Corrected error message for \sin\int outside math.
    Corrected \left\updownarrow in nomathml mode.
    [amsmath.plt] Changed definition of xxalignat and Co. Corrected the no-mathml translation.
    No label generated for starred version of align env.
    Implemented dual mathmode in case \@nomathl=-3.
    Argument of \bibliography may contain a trailing bib extension (Eric Bischoff).
    [2011/04/11] Added \tableattribute env.
    No error in missing_flush if buffer contains only of spaces.
    No error in cases like $\mbox{\hspace {2mm}}$.
    Implemented \bordermatrix.
    Improved some error messages.
  2. [2011-05-02, Version 2.14.3] released
    Fixed the font/size/color in \footnote.
    Allows \ChangeElementName{use_font_elt}{true}.
    Implemented \appendix in classes.
    Commands like \newpage implicitly call \par.
    Added \nouppercase and \fancypagestyle commands in fancyhdr.plt
    Implemented \listoftables and \listoffigures.
    Command \tableofcontents finishes a paragraph and inserts the value of tocdepth counter.
    Corrected error message in case of bad hbox. Produces a <merror> element.
  3. [2011-11-07, Version 2.14.4] released
    Removed final <allowbreak/> in url [2012-01-19, V Lefevre].
    IO encoding easier to understand in the transcript file.
    Added an option >-dualmath, and -nomathml reverted to old meaning.
    Changed printing of some characters.
    Extended the four-hat notation to five hats.
    Implemented a starred version \url*.
    Added the \grabenv command.
    Default output encoding is UTF8.
    Translation of \phi is &phiv;&#x3D5; i.e., ϕ, translation of \varphi also changed.
    Translation of \longmapsfrom\Longmapsfrom\longmapsto\Longmapsto$ is now &#x27FB;&#x27FD;&&#x27FC;&#x27FE; ⟻⟽⟼⟾ (Heiko Schroeder).
  4. [2012-07-06, Version 2.14.5] released
    Added a possibility to specify an XML style sheet.
    No terminator needed after a display math formula in interactive mode (Allen Downey).
    Sections in raweb mode may be mandatory.

Version 2.15

  1. [2012-08-31, Version 2.15.0]
    [2013-01-21] Number of pages always inserted in the bibliography.
  2. [2013-07-22, Version 2.15.1]
    Removed some unused variables in the code [Julien Schueller].
    There are no more affiliations in the RA2013 (Marie-Pierre Durollet).
    Replaced 2007 by current year in The configuration file for the RA is ra2007.tcf or ra.tcf.
    [2014-03-31] A module cannot start in a paragraph; implicit \par added (Marie-Pierre Durollet).
  3. [2015-01-22, Version 2.15.2]
    [2015-01-22] corrected a bug in printing the encoding of the transcript file (David Binderman).
    If the save stack holds a font command, this is popped at the end of the process (it might be pushed by a global \normalfont).
    The types of the objects remaining on the save stack is printed on the transcript file at the end of the process.
    [2015-06-24] Support for math symbols added.
    [2015-07-14] Changed implementation of \cline.
    Added \@sptoken to the kernel.
    New command \hlinee as extension of \hline \cline; this allow to specify the thickness of a rule and its surrounding space in a table.
    Implemented the booktabs package
    Corrected french translation of \aparaitre.
    Corrected \textasciibreve,\textasciicaron.
    Corrected a nasty bug that inhibits tags in align environment (or any usee defined environment that expands to @align).
    Implemented \XMLcurrentcellid \XMLcurrentrowid \XMLcurrentarrayid.
    Removed the obsolete NoTitle hack.
    Corrected the postprocessing, removing loops in unused XML elements.
    Corrected \vcenter.
    Changed \xmlemptyelt.
    Added a bunch of commands that make acces to the XML tree (\XML@fetch,\XML@parent,XML@insert etc (for details, see documentation of one of these commands).
    Added the possibility to use the result of \readxml.
    No error in $\muskip0=\lastskip$.
    An error is signaled in $a\above-ptb$.
    No error is signaled in $a\overwithdelims\relax()b$.
    There is always a rend attribute in figure, table.
    No more loss of attributes in \begin{table} \begin{tabular*}{17pt}[b] {c} y \end{tabular*}\end{table}.
  4. [2015-08-06, Version 2.15.3]
    Corrected error message in \newcounter overflow.
    The Raweb requires no more a theme_vals entry in the config file.
    Made \@firstofone expandable.
    Corrected a bug in \ra@year in non-ra mode.
    What comes after \end{document} is ignored.
    The last line in the XML file contains only the end of the document element.
    Removed useless code of module check.
    An external program is called for the bibliography only if write18 is enabled.
    Single error signaled in case of \newcommand{\foo\bar}{}.
    Corrected \string^^^^1234.
    Corrected \expandafter\string\csname\endcsname.
    Handles correctly the case \escapechar=0.
    Accepts \@gobble{\par}.
    For many command that read an optional argument, paragraphs are forbidden.
    In case of \def\foo#1 #2{}\foo1 2, both spaces can be replaced by a new line.
    Command \newcount never allocates register 255.
    Count registers no more used for allocation commands like \newcount.
    Internal: made \outer tests faster than \protected
    Corrected bug in \marks.
    Simplified \message.
    Corrected error handling in \def\foo#1#2{#1}\foo\bad\par the second argument gives a runaway; this stops argument scanning and inhibits evaluation of body.
    Indicates a corrects size for virtual files.
    No seg fault for \newif~ or \newif\~.
    Width of minipage read as dimen, not glue; no error anymore in \begin{minipage}{2pt plus}abc\end{minipage}.
    Corrected behavior of newline in detokenize: \detokenize{^^J} gives a newline character of category code 12.
    Changed \meaning\sixt@@n\meaning\@M ; yields now \char"10\mathchar"2710.
    Corrected \newmuglue .
    No more element <error n='\invalid.' l='570' c='no module'/> if same raweb sections are empty.
    General cleanup.
    Improved trace for restoring values; corrected printing of mu glue.
    Implemented subequations environment.
    Redesigned math array handling.
    Removed array* environment.
    Corrected numbering of multline environment.
    Made \nonumber a synonym of \notag.
    Added option multi_math_label and counter \@multi@math@label.
    No column span attribute for \multicolumn{a}{b}{c) when a=1.
    One error per extra \label in math mode.
    Implemented \anchorlabel in math mode.
    Array preamble {>{$} c<{$}} works.
    Implemented lots of command for LaTeX3.
  5. [2015-11-25, Version 2.15.4]
    [2016-01-04] Bug correction in environment subequation
    [2017-05-26] Added command \omitcite

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