All packages known by Tralics, alphabetic order

This page contains the description of the following packages 12many, abstract, ae, aecompl, aeguill, alltt, amsbsy, amscd, amsfonts, amsgen, amsmath, amsopn, amssymb, amstext, amsthm, amsxtra, array, bbding, braket, calc, cgloss4e, checkend, color, comma, comment, coollist, coolstr, curves, datenumber, decimal, delarray, epigraph, esdiff, etex, eucal, eufrak, fancyvrb, fix-cm, fixfoot, fixme, fixltx2e, flafter, float, fp, fontenc, forloop, gb4e, graphics, graphicx, graphpap, html, ifpdf, ifthen, index, inputenc, keyval, kvoptions, latexsym, lipsum, makeidx, maple2e, mapleenv, mapleplots, maplestyle, mapletab, maple2util, minimal, mml, natbib, newlfont, nopageno, oldlfont, overword, remreset, ra, RR, shortvrb, showidx, soul, suffix, syntonly, textcase, textcomp, tipa, tipx , tloop, theorem, tracefnt, tralics-iso, upref, xkeyval,
and classes article, book, report, std,
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12many DL

This package by Ulrich Schwarz, allows to type set intervals like 1..n in different ways. The funny style laue is only partially implemented. Exemple. You configure as \setOTMstyle[var=\iota, naturals=\mathbb{N},where=:] {set} and use it as $\nto{12}{233}$. Translation is {ι:12ι233}

abstract DL

This package defines the abstract and onecolabstract environments, that translate into an XML element whose name is stored in \abstractname. Options original, addtotoc, number runin are currently ignored.

ae DL

Dummy package, with one option slides, that selects the Almost European Computer Modern font in LaTeX.

aecompl DL

This package provides some additional character from the cmr font to the ae font. Does nothing in Tralics.

aeguill DL

Dummy package, with options ec, cm, cyr, pl, lm, whose purpose is to add French guillements to the AE fonts, taken from the font given as option.

alltt DL

This package defines the environment shown in the example below. It is like verbatim, but braces an backslashes have their default meaning.


amsbsy DL

The package provides two commands\boldsymbol and \pmb, that typeset their argument normally. Maybe, one day, a bold version will be used.

amscd DL

The package defines the CD environment, see example below. The environment makes the atsign character active, it reads three identical characters: less than, greater than for horizontal arrows, A, V for vertical arrows, or a single one (vertical bar, equals sign, dot, or \vert). Each atsign construct gives a double cell in the table.

\DeclareMathOperator\cf {cf}
\[ \begin{CD}
     \cov (L) @>>> \non (K) @>>> \cf (K)  \\
       @VVV          @AAA          @AAA   \\
     \add (L) @>>> \add (K) @>>> \cov (K) \\
   \end{CD} \]
\[ \begin{CD}
     S^{W_\Lambda}\otimes T @>j>>      T       \\
      @VVV                        @VV{\End P}V \\
    (S \otimes T)/I         @=   (Z\otimes T)/J
   \end{CD} \]

amsfonts DL

This package has an option psamsfonts, but does nothing.

amsgen DL

This package is included in a lot of other ams packages. It defines some short cuts \@xp, \DN@, \FN@ \nx@, and a command \@ifnotempty.

amsmath DL

This package provides the following options: leqno, reqno, fleqn, centertags, tbtags, intlimits, nointlimits, sumlimits, nosumlimits, namelimits, nonamelimits, centertags, tbtags, cmex. The first five options have as effect to add an attribute to the document. Other ones have no effect.

Using this package defines a lot of unimplemented symbols. For instance \bbslash is a command taken from the LaTeX companion that should provide a blackboard slash character. Some useful math commands that are not in the kernel are given by this file.

amsopn DL

This package provides the following options: namelimits and nonamelimits. All commands defined by the LateX style file are in the Tralics kernel.

amssymb DL

This package has an option amsfonts, but does nothing.

amstext DL

This package does nothing.

amsthm DL

This package does nothing.

amsxtra DL

This package provides \sphat, \spcheck, \sptilde, \spdot, \spddot, \spdddot, \spbreve, \spbreve, as well as the unimplemented command \accentedsymbol.


This is virtual package: this means that the following example works out of the box.

\newcolumntype{L} {>{\large\bfseries 2}l <{y}|}
\newcolumntype{+} {>{B}l <{D}|}

article DL

Standard article class.

bbding DL

This package defines some names for some Ding characters. For instance \PhoneHandset for ✆, \FiveStarCenterOpen for ✫, \FiveStarOpenDotted for ✬, and so on.

book DL

Standard article class.

braket DL

This package provides \bra, \ket, \braket, \set, and a large version (with capital initial letters). In the example that follows, \left and \right delimiters are used, the vertical bars are large in the case of the braket, but only the first one in the case of the set.

$ \Braket{ \phi | \frac{\partial^2}{\partial t^2} | \psi } $
$   \Set{ x\in\mathbf{R}^2 | 0<{|x|}<5 } $


The calc package is built-in. The following example shows some computations. In each case, the numbers on the left and right of the equals signs are the same.


\setlength{\Bc}{(1cm+2cm)*(3+4)-200mm} \the\Bc=28.4526pt
\setlength\Bc{\the\Bc*\ratio{25.4pt}{722.7pt}} \the\Bc=0.99985pt
\Bc=1in \setlength\Bc{\the\Bc * 100 / 7227} \the\Bc=0.99998pt
\Bc=1in \setlength\Bc{\the\Bc * \real{ 0.01383700013837}} \the\Bc=1.00018pt
\Bc=1cm \setlength\Bc{\the\Bc / \real{28.452755}} \the\Bc=0.99985pt
\Bc=1cm \setlength\Bc{\the\Bc * \ratio{254pt}{7227pt}} \the\Bc=0.99985pt
\Bc=1in \setlength\Bc{\the\Bc / \ratio{7227pt}{100pt}} \the\Bc=1.00018pt
\Bc=1IN \setlength\Bc{\the\Bc / \ratio{7227PT}{100pT}} \the\Bc=1.00018pt  

cgloss4e DL

Experimental package. All the code is in reality in the kernel

checkend DL

If some closing braces and the like are missing, Tralics will print a line of the form Save stack +40 -23 at the end of the job. A new item is pushed whenever a variable must be restored (in particular the name of an environment), and a new item is pushed for each boundary. Thus, the previous indication does not tell how many errors are in the document. The checkend package adds a special command (provided by Tralics 2.11.1) to the \end{document} hook that pops the save stack, and prints an error message whenever a boundary is found. It could be like this.

Error signaled at line 34 of file txt15.tex:
Non-closed environment `aaa' started at line 28.
Non-closed environment `ccc' started at line 27.
Non-closed brace started at line 26.

color DL

Support for colors in Tralics. Options debugshow, usenames, monochrome are ignored. There are some driver options (dvips, xdvi, etc), all ignored. Options dvipsnames or nodvipsnames tell whether some color like Red are defined. Default depends on the driver.

comma DL

This package provides a command \commaform that typesetsthe content of a counter with a comma very three digits; in fact it uses the content of \commaformtoken. The internal command \@commaform takes as argument a number (or a reference to counter register). Example


\CT=12345678 \Commaform\CT
\def\commaformtoken{ }


1 234 567 890 123 456 789 012 345 678 901 234 567 890

comment DL

Implements \includecomment and \excludecomment as provided by the html package.

coollist DL

coolstr DL

These packages provide some functionalities for strings and lists

\strlen{abc} % typesets 3 
\strlenstore{abc}{chapter} % stores 3 in the chapter counter
\strchar{abcd}{3} % typesets third char of string, namely c 
\substr{abcdefgh}{2}{3}  % typesets cde 
\isdecimal{-2.345}{T} % sets boolean T to true 
\isdecimal{2.345e6}{T} % sets boolean T to false 
\isnumeric{2.345e6}{T} % sets boolean T to true 
\isint{2.345e6}{T} % sets boolean T to false 
\isint{-2345}{T} % sets boolean T to true 

\listlen{1,2,3,4,5,6}% typesets 6 
\listlenstore{chapter}{1,2,3,4}% stores 3 in the chapter counter
\listval{11,22,33,44}{3}% typesets 33 
\liststore{1,2,3,4}{temp}% fills \tempi;\tempii;\tempiii;\tempiv. 

curves DL

The package defines commands like \curve, \tagcurve etc.

datenumber DL

Provides functionalities on dates. You can set a date, for instance the first of March 2008 by \setdatenumber{2008}{3}{1}, manipulate it, so that \prevdate\datedate gives 29th February 2008. The default language is selected by a package option, but you can change it, for instance \dateselectlanguage {USenglish} \datedate gives February 29, 2008.

decimal DL

This package makes a dot active in math mode, transted as \cdot. Use \. as a normal dot. Example $\left( 1.25 >0\.\right. \hbox{text\.s.}$.

delarray DL

The package defines the environment used in the example below. In LaTeX, it redefines the array environment, but this is currently impossible in Tralics.


epigraph DL

This package implements the \epigraph command and the epigraphs environment.

\epigraph{Example is the school of mankind, and they will learn at no other}
{\textit{Letters on a Regicide Peace}\\ \textsc{Edmond Burke}}
\qitem{A text}{An author}
\qitem{A second text}{An author}


  <epitext rend='flushleft'>
    Example is the school of mankind, and they will learn at no other
  <episource rend='flushright'>
    <hi rend='it'>Letters on a Regicide Peace</hi>
   <hi rend='sc'>Edmond Burke</hi>
  <epitext rend='flushleft'>A text</epitext>
  <episource rend='flushright'>An author</episource>
  <epitext rend='flushleft'>A second text</epitext>
  <episource rend='flushright'>An author</episource>

esdiff DL

This package lets you say $\diff{f}{x}$, $\diff*[2]{g}{y}{0}}$ and $\diffp{f}{{x}{y^2}}$.

etex DL

The etex package is a basic interface to some primitives provided by eTeX. It provides some commands like \globcount, \loccount, \globcountblk, and \loccountblk that are not yet implemented in Tralics, and options localalloclog localallocnolog, localallocshow that can be used for debugging purposes. The option noalloc is specific to Tralics, it inhibits the creation of these commands that you cannot use. The package also redefines the way how registers are allocated (not done in Tralics, since \newdimen and the like can use 1024 registers.

The package provides \loggingall that is the same as \tracingall, but without printing anything on the terminal, and \tracingnone that removes tracing; note that these three commands change the counters associated to tracing: macros, output, commands, restores, assigns, math, but nothing else (not used by Tralics). The package provides a \eTeX command, and symbolic names for grouptypes, interactionmodes, nodetypes, and iftypes provided that the option is selected.

In the example that follows, the last call to \F is likely to produce an error message, because Tralics handles all boxes alike.

\def\F#1{\ifnum\currentgrouptype=#1\else\typeout{Bug \string#1}\fi}

\def\G#1{\edef\x{\the\currentiftype}\ifnum\x=#1\else\typeout{Bug \string#1}\fi}
\if00\G\charif\fi\ifx00\G\xif\fi \ifnum0=0 \G\numif\fi

eucal DL

This package defines options psamsfonts, mathcal and mathsrc. It defines \EuScript as a synonym to \mathcal.

eufrak DL

This package defines option psamsfonts. It defines \EuFrak as a synonym to \mathfrak.

fancyvrb DL

This package provides \DefineVerbatimEnvironment and some keywords used for the Tralics documentation. The real code is defined in the kernel.

fix-cm DL

Dummy package.

fixfoot DL

Provides command \DeclareFixedFootnote.

fixme DL

Provides commands like \fixme.

fixltx2e DL

Dummy package.

flafter DL

Dummy package.

float DL

This package provides the \newfloat command.

fp DL

All operations defined by the fp package are implemented in C++. The two options nomessages and debug do nothing. In the example below \foo and \xfoo contain -84, assuming that \mthree holds -3, and \yfoo has the value indicated.

\FPupn\foo{ 3 abs mthree abs 3 sgn 10 * mthree sgn 100 * + + +}\testeq\foo{-84.}
\FPeval\xfoo{abs(3) + abs(-3) + (sgn(3)* 10) + (sgn(-3) * 100)}\testeq\xfoo{-84.
\def\xbar#1 #2{\FPmul\yfoo{\yfoo}{#1}%
\xbar 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 \relax
%\yfoo is 121645100408832000.

fontenc DL

Dummy package.

forloop DL

Provides \forloop.

gb4e DL

Experimental package. Loads cgloss4e

graphics DL, graphicx DL

The \includegraphics command is built-in in Tralics with the semantics of the graphicx package. A few related commands (\resizebox, \reflectbox, \resizebox) are defined by the graphics package. The three commands \graphicspath, \DeclareGraphicsExtensions and \DeclareGraphicsRule are also defined but their arguments are ignored. The graphicx package loads keyval if needed, it defines \rotatebox and allows declarations as \setkeys{Gin}{width=20pt}.

graphpap DL

Dummy package.

html DL

This package provides some commands like \htmladdfnormallink that are variants of \href, environments like htmlonly that behave as comments, and a lot of other functions that do nothing.

ifpdf DL

Provides a boolean \iffpdf whose value is false.

ifthen DL

The \ifthenelse command is builtin. This package provides a variant \Ifthenelse that redefines \value in a strange way (the same as the LaTeX code).

\ifthenelse {
  \(\equal{#1}{ENG} \and \equal{#2}{yes} \)
  \(\equal{#1}{FRE} \and \equal{#2}{oui} \)
}{``OK''}{``not OK''}}
You agree \QU{ENG}{yes} or don't \QU{ENG}{no}. 
D'accord \QU{FRE}{oui} ou pas \QU{FRE}{non}. 

index DL

This package provides a multiple index mechanism. You can declare a new index via \newindex, add an attribute to the index via \addattributetoindex, and use the commands \printindex or \index with an optional argument.

\newindex{A}{}{}{Second Index}
\addattributetoindex[A]{head}{Second Index}
and more text\index[A]{FOO!Bar}

inputenc DL

This package recognises options utf8, latin1, ascii, ansinew, applemac, cp1250, cp1252, cp1257, cp437, cp437de, cp865, cp850, cp852, cp858, decmulti, latin10, latin2, latin3, latin4, latin5, latin9, macce, next. It defines \IeC, and a command \inputencoding a command that takes as argument an encoding name defined as an option, and uses this as enconding for the current file.

keyval DL

This package implements a system of defining and using sets of parameters, which are set using the syntax key=value. It requires at lest version 2.11.1, since the \define@key command is written in C++. It takes 3 arguments (plus an optional one), see example below. The parser of \setkeys is also builtin. It splits a sequence of tokens at commas, and for each subsequence, splits into a key=val pair. Spaces are removed around the key and the value, as well as a pair of braces, as shown be the example. The package has an option that says wether an undefined key is an error (default) or just a warning.

\define@key{kv}{foo}{\Foo{#1}} %% foo=x calls \Foo{x}
\define@key{kv}{bar}[dbar]{\Bar{#1}} %% bar,bar=y calls \Bar with dbar or y.

\def\Foo#1{{seen#1in Foo}}
\def\Bar#1{seen#1in Bar}
\setkeys{kv}{foo = 1, bar = 2, bar}
\setkeys{kv}{ foo = {\it x }, foo = {{\it y} }, }


<p>seen1in Fooseen2in Barseendbarin Bar
seen<hi rend='it'>x in Foo</hi>seen<hi rend='it'>y</hi> in Foo</p>

kvoptions DL

This package defines \DeclareBoolOption, \DeclareComplementaryOption, \DeclareStringOption, \DeclareVoidOptions that can be used in a package. There is also a command \DisableKeyvalOption that allows you to disable an option.

latexsym DL

Dummy package.

lipsum DL

This package provides a command that can be used as \lipsum, \lipsum[10-14], or \lipsum[12], and produces some paragraphs from a dummy text. The command \setlipsumdefault can be used to set the range if no argument is given (default is 1-7), valid range is 1 to 150.

makeidx DL

This package defines \see, \seealso, \seename, and \alsoname.

maple2e, mapleenv, mapleplots, maplestyle, mapletab, mapleutil

A bunch of experimental packages that can be used to typeset code generated by maple

minimal DL

This is a dummy class.

mml DL

This package provides a lot of commands, for instance \mmlIntegers that produces <integers> it can be used in math mode, for content markup MathML.

natbib DL

Provides features of natbib.sty

\citeyear{xml} \citeauthor{xml} \citefullauthor{xml}

newlfont DL

Provides redefinition of commands like \rm.

nopageno DL

This adds the attribute pair page-numbering='false' to the root element.

oldlfont DL

Dummy package.

overword DL

This package provides two macros which can be used as building blocks for the parsing of text. It forms part of the Calendar package, but is written as a discrete module that may be used in other packages as well. An example of use is given at the end of the package.

ra DL ra2007 DL ra2008 DL

Files needed for typeseting Inria's Activity Report. Since 2007, there is a class file for each year, named ra2007, etc. It has no option. This class loads the ra package, with some options, depending on the year. The package defines \persA, \persB, see documentation, and make \pers equivalent to \persB, unless option old is given, case where \persA is used. The option catperso defines a catperso environment. Four environments participantXXX are defined (see documentation) where XXX is empty, or s or e or es. By default, they are identical, producing a participants element; using option participant changes this: the name of the XML element is the name of the environment.

report DL

Standard article class.

remreset DL

If you say \newcounter{C}[A] then counter C is reset whenever counter A is stepped. The package provides the construction \@removefromreset{C}{A}, that removes C from the list of counters to be reset. Note the invsere construction \@addtoreset{C}{A} is implemented by default.


The package needed for typeseting Inria's Research Reports

shortvrb DL

Defines \MakeShortVerb and \DeleteShortVerb\ in terms of primitives \DefineShortVerb and \UndefineShortVerb.

showidx DL

Dummy package.


Some commands from this package are built-in.

std DL

This is not a class/package, but a file shared between different classes

suffix DL

Package by D. Kastrup. It allows to construct macros with suffixes; in the example that follows, we have a \snarf command, and extend it twice. We use it, put the content in a box, and print the box. We then show the command, so as to see how it is redefined. The last two lines contain two macros that can be used to get the name of the commands that do the real job.


This is what Tralics prints on the terminal. Note the funny names.

\snarf=\protected macro: ->\WSF@suffixcheck \snarf .
\WSF:\snarf the character [=\long macro: #1]->B#1.
\WSF:\snarf=macro: #1->A#1.

syntonly DL

Dummy package.

textcase DL

This package implements \MakeTextUppercase and \MakeTexLowercase, as well as \NoCaseChange. In the example that follows, the first line should be translated as foo Bar $Xy$. The package has a single option: overload, when used, it redefines \MakeUppercase and \MakeLowercase. Without the option, the second math formula is in uppercase, with it, it is lowercase.

\MakeTextLowercase{Foo \NoCaseChange{Bar} $Xy$ }
\MakeUppercase{Foo $Xy$ }

textcomp DL

This package declares options: full, almostfull, euro, safe, force, and warn. It does defines some commans like \textsevenoldstyle to translate into <char name='sevenoldstyle'/>. There is no Unicode characters for these TeX characters.

tipa DL tpix DL

The tipa package provides some characters and accents used for IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). The tipx package contains additional commands. In LaTeX, two font encodings T3 and TS3 are associated to these package, and \textipa{SO""} produces the same as \textesh\textopeno\textsecstress. This mechanism is not yet implemented. See HERE for some examples. Options extra, tone, T1, noenc, do nothing. Option safe is used by default. If you want unsafe mode, use the command \tipaunsafemode.

tloop DL

This package provides the function \tloop with two arguments, range and code. The range is fully expanded, should be of the form a-b; The internal counter \tloop@ctr ranges from a to b inclusive (at least one iteration is performed). The loop in the following example produces 3=iii 4=iv 5=v.

\count0=3 \count1=5 
\tloop{1-3}{{\Tloop{1-3}{\the\tloop@ctr\the\Tloop@ctr\space }}}

The package provides also \Tloop that is similar; this allows you to put loops into loops. The example that follows creates a 3x3 table with ij at row i column j.


theorem DL

This is a virtual package. The example that follows requires no package at all.

 This is a sentence typeset in the theorem environment \texttt{Cor}.
 This is a sentence typeset in the theorem environment \texttt{Exa}.

titlepage DL

This package implements some commands that can be used for a thesis title page.

tracefnt DL

This package declares options: errorshow, warningshow, infoshow, debugshow, loading, infoshow, and pausing. It does nothing.

tralics-iso DL

This package defines a lot of commands like \mathslarr that should be used in math mode; translation is something like &#x2190; This character is called `Leftwards arrow' in the Unicode documentation and `short left arrow' in the iso9573-13, hence the command name. Your browser may show the character as ←.

upref DL

Dummy package.

xkeyval DL

Dummy package.

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