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Demos 1995-1999

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Welcome to the Ariana demos page. You can find here some demos which present our work. Demos from 1997 and before have been developed in the Pastis research group (1983-1997) from which Ariana is issued.

Demos are sorted chronologically, but you can fill this form to make an advanced search, or directly click on a name or on a keyword to find the associated demos.

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icone demoExtraction of Lines on Satellite Images with Energy per Region (1999) fr en
Auteur : Josiane Zerubia
Keywords : Line networks, Roads, Variational methods, Dynamic Programing
icone demoIndexing and segmentation of textured images using the 2D Wold decomposition (1999) en
Authors : Josiane Zerubia, Xavier Descombes, Radu Stoica
Keywords : Indexing, Classification
icone demoRegistration and Deformation of a Cartographic Road Network on a SPOT Satellite Image (1999) fr en
Authors : Guillaume Rellier, Josiane Zerubia, Xavier Descombes
Keywords : MCMC, Markov Random Fields, Parameter Estimation, Roads
icone demoSupervised classification of SPOT images using a level set model (1999) en
Authors : Laure Blanc-Féraud, Josiane Zerubia, Gilles Aubert, Christophe Samson
Keywords : Active contours, Variational methods, Classification
icone demoCorrespondence of road networks according to a map / SPOT image pair (1998) fr en
Authors : Christine Hivernat, Xavier Descombes, Josiane Zerubia
Keywords : Markov Random Fields, Line networks, Roads
icone demoExtraction of urban areas (simulated SPOT5 images) (1998) fr en
Authors : Xavier Descombes, Josiane Zerubia, Anne Lorette
Keywords : Texture, Markov Random Fields, Building / Urban areas, Classification
icone demoParameter estimation for satellite image deconvolution by a MCMCML method (1998) fr en
Authors : Josiane Zerubia, Laure Blanc-Féraud, Andre Jalobeanu
Keywords : MCMC, Markov Random Fields, Parameter Estimation, Variational methods, Deconvolution
icone demoSupervised classification of SPOT images using Gamma-convergence theory (1998) fr en
Authors : Josiane Zerubia, Gilles Aubert, Laure Blanc-Féraud, Christophe Samson
Keywords : Variational methods, Classification
icone demoComplementarity of SPOT and RADAR datas in cartography (1997) fr

Keywords : Object extraction, Line networks, Building / Urban areas
icone demoCocktail : Spectral sub-pixel classification (1996) fr en

Keyword : Classification
icone demoHigh resolution 3D surface reconstruction (1996) en

Keywords : Markov Random Fields, 3D Reconstruction, Super-resolution
icone demoMarkovian approach in interferometry (1995) fr en

Keywords : Markov Random Fields, Interferometry
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