SAFA: Sophia-Antipolis Formal Analysis Group
October 6-7, 2010

Detailed program, papers abstracts, and presentations slides

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CICA -- Sophia-Antipolis
joint with SAME'010 Documents:

  • Invited Speaker: Emmanuelle Encrenaz (LIP6, Université Pierre et Marie Curie): "Quantifying Robustness by Symbolic Model-Checking" slides
  • L. Henrio, F. Kammüller, B. Lutz and H. Sudhof (INRIA & TU. Berlin): "A Locally Nameless Theory of Objects" extended abstract, slides PDF, PPT-->
  • Régis Gascon, Julien DeAntoni, Frédéric Mallet (INRIA-I3S-UNS): "PSL vs. CCSL" extended abstract, slides
  • Cyril Dumont, Fabrice Mourlin (LACL, Paris 12) "Model checking applied to mobile agent system" extended abstract, slides
  • Ludovic Henrio & Éric Madelaine (INRIA): "Experiments with distributed Model-Checking of group-based applications" extended abstract, slides
  • Clementine Nemo, Mireille Blay-Fornarino (UNS-I3S): "Construction of Models Needs Idempotent Transformations" extended abstract, slides
  • Christèle Faure (Safe River): "Software Un-security Exploitation Evaluation" extended abstract, slides
  • Gabriel Pedroza, Ludovic Apvrille, Renaud Pacalet (LabSoc): "A Formal Security Model for the Verification of Automotive Embedded Applications" extended abstract, slides
  • Julien DeAntoni, Frédéric Mallet, Charles André, Frédéric Thomas (INRIA-I3S-UNS): "Logical Time @ Work : The RT-Simex project" extended abstract, slides
  • Hocine Mokrani, Rabéa Ameur-Boulifa, Sophie Coudert, Emmanuelle Encrenaz (LabSoc, Lip6): "Communication Refinement for SOC Design" extended abstract, slides

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