Skribe User Manual
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Manuel Serrano
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This is the documentation for Skribe version 1.2l.


Skribe is a programming language designed for implementing electronic documents. It is mainly designed for the writing of technical documents such as the documentation of computer programs. With Skribe these documents can be rendered using various tools and technologies. For instance, a Skribe document can be compiled to an HTML file that suits Web browser, it can be compiled to a TeX file in order to produce a high-quality printed document, and so on.

Who may use Skribe?

Everyone needing to design web pages, info documents, man pages or Postscript files can use Skribe. In particular, there is no need for programming skills in order to use Skribe. Skribe can be used as any text description languages such as TeX, LaTeX or HTML.

Why using Skribe?

There are three main reasons for using Skribe:
  • It is easier to type in Skribe texts than other text description formats. The need for meta keyword, that is, words used to describe the structure of the text and not the text itself, is very limited.
  • Skribe is highly skilled for computing texts. It is very common that one needs to automatically produce parts of the text. This can be very simple such as, for instance, the need to include inside a text, the date of the last update or the number of the last revision. Sometimes it may be more complex. For instance, one may be willing to embed inside a text the result of a complex arithmetic computation. Or even, you may want to include some statistics about that text, such as, the number of words, paragraphs, sections, and so on. Skribe makes these sort of text manipulation easy whereas other systems rely on the use of text preprocessors.
  • The same source file can be compiled to various output formats such as HTML, Info pages, man pages, Postscript, etc.


! A B C D E F H I J K L M P R S T U V W X

! (definition)
abstract (acmproc) (acmproc)
abstract (jfp) (jfp)
abstract (lncs) (lncs)
acmproc.skr (package)
author (definition)
author-font (html custom)
background (html custom)
bib-sort/authors (definition)
bib-sort/dates (definition)
bib-sort/idents (definition)
bib-table? (definition)
bibliography (definition)
blockquote (definition)
bold (definition)
center (definition)
chapter (definition)
chapter-file (html custom)
chapter-left-margin (html custom)
chapter-number->string (html custom)
chapter-right-margin (html custom)
char (definition)
charset (html custom)
code (definition)
color (definition)
...latex custom
color-usepackage (latex custom)
convert-image (definition)
copy-engine (definition)
css (html custom)
default-bib-table (definition)
default-index (definition)
description (definition)
document (definition)
document (letter) (letter)
documentclass (latex custom)
emacs (skribe mode)
emit-sui (html custom)
emph (definition)
engine-custom (definition)
engine-custom-set! (definition)
engine-customs (definition)
engine-filter (definition)
engine-format (definition)
engine-ident (definition)
engine-symbol-table (definition)
engine? (definition)
enumerate (definition)
favicon (html custom)
figure (list of figures)
file-title-separator (html custom)
find-engine (definition)
flush (definition)
font (definition)
footnote (definition)
foreground (html custom)
frame (definition)
french.skr (package)
head (html custom)
hrule (definition)
Html (Engine)
hyperref (latex custom)
hyperref-usepackage (latex custom)
image (conversion)
image-format (latex custom)
...html custom
include (definition)
index (definition)
index-header-font-size (html custom)
index-page-ref (latex custom)
inline-css (html custom)
it (definition)
item (definition)
itemize (definition)
javascript (html custom)
jfp.skr (package)
js (html custom)
kbd (definition)
language (definition)
LaTeX (Engine)
left-margin (html custom)
left-margin-background (html custom)
left-margin-font (html custom)
left-margin-foreground (html custom)
left-margin-size (html custom)
letter.skr (package)
linebreak (definition)
lncs.skr (package)
mailto (definition)
make-bib-table (definition)
make-engine (definition)
make-index (definition)
maketitle (latex custom)
margin-padding (html custom)
mark (definition)
p (definition)
paragraph (definition)
postdocument (latex custom)
pre (definition)
predocument (latex custom)
prog (definition)
ref (definition)
right-margin (html custom)
right-margin-background (html custom)
right-margin-font (html custom)
right-margin-foreground (html custom)
right-margin-size (html custom)
roman (definition)
sc (definition)
section (definition)
section-file (html custom)
section-left-margin (html custom)
section-number->string (html custom)
section-right-margin (html custom)
section-title-background (html custom)
section-title-foreground (html custom)
section-title-number-separator (html custom)
section-title-start (html custom)
section-title-stop (html custom)
sf (definition)
skribe (manual page)
skribe-bib-path (definition)
skribe-bib-path-set! (definition)
skribe-configure (definition)
skribe-enforce-configure (definition)
skribe-image-path (definition)
skribe-image-path-set! (definition)
skribe-load (definition)
skribe-load-options (definition)
skribe-path (definition)
skribe-path-set! (definition)
skribe-release (definition)
skribe-source-path (definition)
skribe-source-path-set! (definition)
skribebibtex (manual page)
slide (definition)
slide-embed (definition)
slide-pause (definition)
slide-vspace (definition)
source (fontification)
source-bracket-color (latex custom)
...html custom
source-color (latex custom)
...html custom
source-comment-color (latex custom)
...html custom
source-define-color (latex custom)
...html custom
source-error-color (latex custom)
...html custom
source-markup-color (latex custom)
...html custom
source-module-color (latex custom)
...html custom
source-string-color (latex custom)
...html custom
source-thread-color (latex custom)
...html custom
source-type-color (latex custom)
...html custom
sub (definition)
subsection (definition)
subsection-file (html custom)
subsection-number->string (html custom)
subsection-title-background (html custom)
subsection-title-foreground (html custom)
subsection-title-number-separator (html custom)
subsection-title-start (html custom)
subsection-title-stop (html custom)
subsubsection (definition)
subsubsection-file (html custom)
subsubsection-number->string (html custom)
subsubsection-title-background (html custom)
subsubsection-title-foreground (html custom)
subsubsection-title-number-separator (html custom)
subsubsection-title-start (html custom)
subsubsection-title-stop (html custom)
sup (definition)
symbol (definition)
table (definition)
td (definition)
th (definition)
the-bibliography (definition)
the-index (definition)
title-background (html custom)
title-font (html custom)
title-foreground (html custom)
toc (definition)
tr (definition)
tt (definition)
underline (definition)
usepackage (latex custom)
var (definition)
web-article.skr (package)
web-book.skr (package)
Xml (Engine)

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