3.10 Skribe User Manual -- Figure
(figure [:ident] [:class "figure"] [:legend] [:number #t] [:multicolumns] body)
identhtml latex xml The node identifier.
classhtml latex xml The node class.
legendhtml latex The legend of the figure. If no ident is provided to the figure, it uses the legend value as an identifier. In consequence, it is possible to use the legend value in references.
numberhtml latex If the optional argument number is a number, that number is used as the new Scribe compiler figure counter. If it is #t the compiler automatically sets a number for that figure. If it is #f the figure is numberless.
multicolumnshtml latex A boolean that indicates, for back-ends supporting multi-columns rendering (e.g., "TeX"), if the figure spans over all the columns.
bodyThe body of the figure.
See also
ref document
 (figure :legend "This is a unnumbered figure" 
         :ident "fig1"
         :number #f
         (frame [Skribe is a functional programming language.])))

 (figure :legend "The great Penguin" 
         (image :file "linux.gif")))
Ex. 13: The figure markup


Skribe is a functional programming language.

Fig. : This is a unnumbered figure

Fig. 1: The great Penguin

3.10.1 List of figures

Skribe has no builtin facility for displaying the list of figures. Instead, it provides a general machinery for displaying any kind of lists contained in the document. This is described in the section [?section Resolve: user/figure.skb:2411] and [?section Introspection: user/figure.skb:2441] but for the sake of the coherence, this section also contains an example that shows how to display the list of figures of a document.

(resolve (lambda (n e env)
            (let* ((d (ast-document n))
                   (ex (container-env-get d 'figure-env)))
               (table (map (lambda (e)
                              (tr (td :align 'left
                                      (markup-option e ':number)
                                      " "
                                      (ref :handle (handle e)
                                           :text (markup-option e :legend))
                                      " (section "
                                      (let ((c (ast-section e)))
                                         (ref :handle (handle c)
                                              :text (markup-option c :title)))
                           (sort ex
                                 (lambda (e1 e2)
                                    (let ((n1 (markup-option e1 :number))
                                          (n2 (markup-option e2 :number)))
                                          ((not (number? n1))
                                          ((not (number? n2))
                                           (< n1 n2)))))))))))
Ex. 14: The figure markup


This is a unnumbered figure (section Figure)
1 The great Penguin (section Figure)

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