3. Skribe User Manual -- Standard Markups
This chapter describes the forms composing Skribe texts. In XML/HTML these forms are called markups. In LaTeX they are called macros. In Skribe these forms are called functions. In this manual, we will say that we call a function when a function is used in a form. The values used in a function call are named the actual parameters of the function or parameters in short. When calling a function with parameters we say that we are passing arguments to the function.

In this documentation function names are typesetted in bold face. We call a keyword argument, an argument whose identifier starts with the : character. Arguments whose identifier does not start with this character are called plain arguments or arguments in short. An optional argument is represented by a list, starting with the character "[" and ending with the character "]", whose first element is a keyword argument and the optional second (#f when not specified) element is the default value used if the optional argument value is not provided on a function call. Arguments that are not optional are said mandatory. If a plain argument is preceeded with a . character, this argument may be used to accumulate several values. There are two ways to pass actual arguments to a function.

  • for keyword arguments: the value of the parameter must be preceeded by the name of the argument.
  • for plain arguments: a value is provided.
Example: Let us consider the function section defined as follows:
(section :title [:number #t] [:toc #t] . body)

The argument title is a mandatory keyword argument. The keyword arguments number and toc are optional. The plain argument body is preceeded with a . character so it may receive several values. All the following calls are legal section calls:

(section :title "A title" "This is the body of the section")
(section :title "A title" "This" " is" " the body of the section")
(section :title "A title" :number 3 "This" " is" " the body of the section")
(section :title "A title" :toc #f :number 3 "This" " is" " the body of the section")
(section :title "A title" :number 3 :toc #f "This" " is" " the body of the section")

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