9.3 Skribe User Manual -- LaTeX engine

The LaTeX engine...

9.3.1 The LaTeX customization

documentclass"\documentclass{article}"A string declaring The LaTeX document class.
usepackage"\usepackage{epsfig} "The boolean #f if no package is used or a string declaring The LaTeX packages.
predocument"\newdimen\oldframetabcolsep \newdimen\oldcolortabcolsep \newdimen\oldpretabcolsep "The boolean #f or a string to be written before the \begin{document} statement.
postdocument#fThe boolean #f or a string to be written after the \begin{document} statement.
maketitle"\date{} \maketitle"The boolean #f or a string to be written after the \begin{document} statement for emitting the document title.
color#tEnable/disable colors.
source-color#tA boolean enabling/disabling color of source code (see source markup).
source-comment-color"#ffa600"The source comment color.
source-error-color"red"The source error color.
source-define-color"#6959cf"The source define color.
source-module-color"#1919af"The source module color.
source-markup-color"#1919af"The source markup color.
source-thread-color"#ad4386"The source thread color.
source-string-color"red"The source string color.
source-bracket-color"red"The source bracket color.
source-type-color"#00cf00"The source type color.
color-usepackage"\usepackage{color} "The LaTeX package for coloring.
hyperref#tEnables/disables hypererrf.
hyperref-usepackage"\usepackage[setpagesize=false]{hyperref} "The LaTeX package for hyperref.
image-format("eps")The image formats for this engine.
index-page-ref#tIndexes use page references.

9.3.2 LaTeX documentclass

The default setting of the Skribe LaTeX engine is to produce a document using the article document class. In order to generate a document using chapter this must be changed because this LaTeX style does not define any \chapter function. For instance, one may use the LaTeX book document class. Changing this setting can be done with expressions such as:

(let ((le (find-engine 'latex)))
   (engine-custom-set! le 'documentclass "\\documentclass{book}"))

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