12. Skribe User Manual -- Slide Package

This chapter describes the facilities Skribe offers authoring slides. In order to access the functionalities described in this chapter, it is require to introduce a (skribe-load "slides.skr") expression at the beginning of the document. The Slide package supports two skribe-load user options: advi and prosper. The first one tells Skribe to generate slides for the Advi presenter. The second one tells Skribe to generate slides for the LaTeX prosper package.

12.1 Slide

A slide function call creates a slide.

(slide :title [:ident] [:toc #t] [:class] [:number #t] [:vspace] [:vfill] [:transition] [:bg] [:image])
identhtml latex xml The node identifier.
classhtml latex xml The node class.
titlehtml latex The title of the slide.
numberhtml latex The number of the slide (a boolean or an integer).
tochtml latex This argument controls if the slide must be referenced in the toctable of contents.
vspacelatex The boolean #f or an integer representing the vertical space size between the title and the body of the slide.
vfilllatex A boolean that is used to control whether a LaTeX \vfill is issued at the end of the slide.
transitionhtml latex The boolean #f or a symbol in the list (split blinds box wipe dissolve glitter).
bghtml The background color of the slide.
imagelatex The background image of the slide.

12.2 Pause

A slide-pause function call introduces a pause in the slide projection.


12.3 Slide Vertical Space

The slide-vspace introduces a vertical space in the slide.

(slide-vspace [:unit 'cm] val)
unitlatex The unit of the space.
valThe size of the vertical space.

12.4 Slide Embed Applications

Embed an application inside a slide.

(slide-embed :command [:geometry-opt "-geometry"] [:geometry] [:rgeometry] [:transient] [:transient-opt] [:alt])
commandlatex The binary file for running the embedded application.
geometry-opthtml latex xml The name of the geometry option to be sent to the embedded application.
geometrylatex The geometry value to be sent.
rgeometrylatex A relative geometry to be sent.
transient-optlatex The name of the transient option to be sent to the embedded application.
transientlatex The transient value to be sent.
althtml latex xml An alternative Skribe expression to be used if the output format does not support embedded application.

12.5 Example

Here is a complete example of Skribe slides:

(skribe-load "slide.skr" :advi #t)

(document :title (color :fg "red" (sf (font :size +2. "Skribe Slides")))
   :author (author :name (it "Manuel Serrano")
              :affiliation [Inria Sophia Antipolis]
              :address (ref :url "http://www.inria.fr/mimosa/Manuel.Serrano"))

   (if (engine-format? "html")
       (slide :title "Table of contents" :number #f :toc #f
          (toc :chapter #f :section #f :subsection #f :subsubsection #f
               :slide #t)))

   (slide :title "X11 client" :toc #t :vspace 0.3

         (item "xlock")
         (item "xeyes")
         (item "xterm")))

   (slide :title "Xclock" :toc #t :vspace 0.3

      (center (sf (underline "The Unix xclock client")))
      (slide-vspace 0.3)

      (slide-embed :command "xlock"
                   :alt (frame "Can't run embedded application"))))
Ex. 34: Example of Skribe slides


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Skribe Slides
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