11. Skribe User Manual -- Skribe compiler

In this chapter we present the Skribe compiler that compiles Skribe source text into various output formats.


skribe [options] [input]...


This manual page is not meant to be exhaustive. The complete documentation for the programming language Skribe can be found at the following URL. This manual page only documents the skribe compiler that compiles Skribe programs into HTML, TeX, Info or Nroff formats.


The skribe compiler uses file suffixes in order to select amongst its possible targets which one to choose. These suffixes are:
a Skribe source file.
an HTML target file.
a TeX target file.
a Skribe url index file.


This message.
Display the skribe options and exit.
The version of Skribe.
Display informations about the Skribe configuration.
-c,--custom KEY=VAL
Preset custom value.
Increase or set verbosity level (-v0 for crystal silence).
Increase or set warning level (-w0 for crystal silence).
Increase or set debug level.
Disable coloring for debug.
-t,--target E
The output target format.
Add <path> to skribe path.
Add <path> to skribe bibliography path.
Add <path> to skribe source path.
Add <path> to skribe image path.
-C,--split-chapter CHAPTER
Emit chapter's sections in separate files.
--eval EXPR
Evaluate expression.
Dont load rc Skribe file.
-p,--preload FILE
Preload file.
-u,--use-variant VARIANT
use <variant> output format.
-o,--output O
The output target name.
-b,--base BASE
The base prefix to be removed from hyperlinks.
-d,--rc-dir DIR
Set the skribe RC directory.


Some shell variables control the Skribe search path:
Search path for source and style files.

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