3.6 Skribe User Manual -- Font

The function font enables font selection.

(font [:ident] [:class] [:size] [:face] node...)
identhtml latex xml The node identifier.
classhtml latex xml The node class.
sizehtml latex The size of the font. The size may be relative (with respect to the current font size) or absolute. A relative font is either specified with a floating point value or a negative integer value. A positive integer value specifies an absolute font size.
facehtml The name of the font to be used.
node...The nodes of the font.
 (item (font :size -2 [A smaller font.]))
 (item (font :size 6 [An absolute font size.]))
 (item (font :size 4. [A larger font.]))
 (item (font :face "Helvetica" [An helvetica example.])))
Ex. 8: The font markup


  • A smaller font.
  • An absolute font size.
  • A larger font.
  • An helvetica example.

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