10. Skribe User Manual -- Editing Skribe Programs

Skribe sources can be automatically generated from Texinfo by the skribeinfo compiler. They can also be typed in. For this task, it is highly recommended to use GNU Emacs or Xemacs. These editors provide parentheses matching and Skribe expressions handling.

10.1 Skribe Emacs mode

The Skribe distribution contains a minor mode dedicated to Skribe edition. This mode provides fontification and indentation of Skribe programs. In this manual, we present the two most important key bindings specific to this mode.
  • tab Indents the current line.
  • M-C-q Indents a whole Skribe expression.

In order to install the Skribe emacs mode, you need to specify that when the emacs Lisp skribe-mode function is needed it has to be loaded from the skribe.el file:

(autoload 'skribe-mode "skribe.el" "Skribe mode." t)

The skribe.el file must in the path described by the Emacs Lisp load-path variable.

The skribe mode is a minor mode. It is intended to be used with a Lisp or Scheme mode. Hence, to use the skribe mode you will have to use the following Emacs commands:

ESC-x: scheme-mode ESC-x: skribe-mode

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