SAFA: Sophia-Antipolis Formal Analysis Group
Detailed programs and presentation slides

SAFA workshop, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, december 3, 2008
Batiment Kahn, Amphi Morgenstein

  • Charles André, Benoît Ferrero, Frédéric Mallet (INRIA/I3S - Aoste): "TimeSquare: a Multiform Time Simulation Environment" extended abstract, slides
  • Régis Gascon, Éric Madelaine, Vivien Maisonneuve (INRIA/I3S - Oasis): "Vérification de systèmes communicants à l'aide de canaux non-bornés" extended abstract, slides
  • Daniel Knorreck, Ludovic Apvrille, Renaud Pacalet (LabSoc): "Fast Simulation Techniques for Design Space Exploration" extended abstract, slides
  • Ludovic Henrio, Muhammad Khan (INRIA/I3S - Oasis): "Update Strategies for First-class Futures" extended abstract, slides
  • Présentation invitée : Frédéric Lang, VASY Team, INRIA Grenoble: "CADP: A Toolbox for the Construction and Analysis of Distributed Processes" slides
    Abstract: CADP (Construction and Analysis of Distributed Processes) is a toolbox for specification, rapid prototyping, verification, testing, and performance evaluation of asynchronous systems (concurrent processes with message-passing communication). In this talk, we present some of the most recent developments of CADP.
  • Rabéa Ameur-Boulifa, Sophie Coudert, Renaud Pacalet (Telecom-ParisTech - Labsoc): "Functional Validation of Hardware Components" extended abstract, slides
  • Boutheina Bennour, Ludovic Henrio, Marcela Rivera (INRIA/I3S - Oasis): "Extending GCM and Fscript for the Distributed Reconfiguration of Components" extended abstract, slides
  • Julien DeAntoni (INRIA/I3S - Aoste): "Developping Real Time Embedded Applications Independently of an execution platform" extended abstract, slides
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