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Nicolas Tsingos Nicolas Tsingos

 REVES research project
INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
2004 route des Lucioles,
BP 93
F-06902 Sophia-Antipolis, FRANCE
tel.     :  (+33) 4 92 38 76 23 
fax.   :  (+33) 4 92 38 76 43
email : Nicolas.Tsingos@sophia.inria.fr

NEW ! INRIA technology rocks next-gen game audio engine.

You can also get a flavor of the result here or here !
Official Test Drive Unlimited Web Site.

NEW ! I am currently coordinating the 2-year RNTL OPERA project
The project aims at developing novel perceptual optimization strategies for audio rendering.

 I conducted my PhD research from 1995 to 1998 at iMAGIS/GRAVIR (in Grenoble, France) under the supervision of Claude Puech and Jean-Dominique Gascuel. From 1999 to 2001 I was a member of the technical staff in the Visual Communications Research Laboratory at Bell Laboratories/Lucent Technologies (in Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA).
If you want to know a bit more about me you can check my vitae information...

You can visit Bell Labs' multimedia research dpt. Virtual Acoustics Pages...

or go directly to my research-related links about interactive acoustics simulations and computer graphics.

Get my LaTeX bibliography files about audio, acoustic simulation and sound diffraction : sound.bib, diffraction.bib

...and please do not forget that these pages are always under construction !

NEW ! Do not miss "Sounds good to me !", a SIGGRAPH 2002 course on sound rendering by Tom Funkhouser (Princeton Univ.), Jean-Marc Jot (Creative) and myself.

NEW ! Read a paper about my research in Computer Graphics World (August 2001 issue).

NEW ! I worked with multimedia artist Paul Kaiser on a piece called Trace which was part of BAM's Next Wave Festival last Fall.
This project was part of the Lucent/BAM Arts in Multimedia Program .
If you are in New York City, do not miss Pedestrian the new public art project from Paul and collaborators.

NEW ! I co-organised with Alan Chalmers, from Bristol University (UK), the joint ACM SIGGRAPH/EUROGRAPHICS Campfire on Acoustic rendering for virtual environments . It was held in May 2001 in Snowbird Utah, minutes from Salt Lake City. Check here for more info !

Interests My current research interests are focused on simulating virtual sound fields for interactive applications and computer graphics rendering simulations. I am thus interested in virtual acoustics but also in geometrical techniques used in computer graphics for global illumination problems.
PhD thesis
NEW ! 
You can find here a version of my PhD dissertation:
Simulating High Quality Dynamic Virtual Sound Fields For Interactive Graphics Applications.
click here for the abstract, citation info, download...
click here for the Adobe Acrobat .pdf version (in FRENCH !!!!)
Other interests  I had previously made some research in physically-based animation,  implicit surface modeling, surface reconstruction, a 3D lip model for virtual actors and multi-level representations. You can check out my publication list for more detailled information.
Selected recent 

Picture gallery and more...

Using Hierarchical Layered Depth Images for Global Illumination.
I am currently developing a new hierarchical representation for objects in the context of global illumination.
The model allows hierarchical access to the visibility and radiometric information of any number of primitives
represented in a LDI.  This representation is used to speed-up ray-intersection tests and also carries
radiometric information in a manner similar to a 'photon map'.

256x265, 870 polygons + 1sphere, 2 lights, 11 sec. (SGI R10k 250MHz)  bush in space, 3500 pgons, 2 reflections

Hybrid Beam-Tracing/Monte Carlo Rendering for Acoustics and Computer Graphics.
Click on the pictures for more details on Beam Tracing for Acoustics, Geometrical Theory of Diffraction and Monte-Carlo techniques in the context of interactive acoustics simulations and computer graphics.
I am currently working on a very high quality acoustic simulation code, including fine band geometrical theory of diffraction and early reflections treatment and accurate late reverberation modeling.
I am also working on a hybrid Beam-Tracing/Monte Carlo technique for structured irradiance evaluation.

Beam Tracing for Acoustics Geometrical Theory of Diffraction GTD for computer graphics Monte Carlo for computer graphics
Hybrid beam tracing/monte carlo for structured irradiance evaluation Hybrid beam tracing/monte carlo for structured irradiance evaluation Hybrid beam tracing/monte carlo for structured irradiance evaluation Hybrid beam tracing/monte carlo for structured irradiance evaluation

Simulating High Quality Dynamic Virtual Sound Fields For Interactive Graphics Applications.
Click on the pictures below to get more details on my PhD research...

Hierarchical sound radiosityFast sound diffraction/occlusionIntegrated Audio/Video rendering
Room acousticsRoom acoustics(room models are property of the CSTB)

Industrial relations
CNET I have been involved in the Telemedia teleconferencing project of the Centre National d'Etudes des Telecommunications (CNET), the France Telecom research lab.
The aim of the project is to define new audio-visual tools for informal teleconferencing.
click here to go to the Telemedia project home page...
click here to go to the CNET homepage...
IFP I worked with the Institut Francais du Petrole (a french institute on oil exploitation) on large 3D databases visualisation using levels of detail.
click here to go to the IFP homepage...
CSTB I had some collaborations with the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (a french institute on building techniques) about room acoustics problems.
click here to go to the CSTB home page...


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