Real-Time Geometrical Theory of Diffraction

Geometrical theory of Diffraction is an extension of geometrical optics aimed at taking into account diffraction i.e.
light/sound propagating in the geometrical shadow regions of an obstacle. We designed a system that can construct
and evaluate in real-time the contribution of any hybrid reflection/diffraction path in a general 3D environment.


Visualizing the diffraction coefficient
The following picture shows the amplitude of the diffraction coefficient computed using uniform GTD in the case
of a half-screen diffraction.

Building the diffraction paths
The following picture shows all hybrid specular reflection/diffraction paths between a point source and
a point receiver. The highlighted edge is the source of the diffraction.

A more complex example, showing all diffracting edges visible from the receiver (in magenta)
either directly or through one specular reflection and all hybrid diffracted/reflected path for 1 order of reflection
and 1 diffraction only !!!


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