My main areas of research include the performance evaluation and control of telecommunication networks, optimal control, and stochastic games. You will find below my publications on line. For downloading material, please consult first the Copyright Notice

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Recent publications [2022], [2021], [2020], [2019], [2018], [2017], [2016], [2015], [2014], [2013], [2012], [2011].
Publications by research areas:

*1. Telecom and queueing networks:

* Social Networks
* TCP/IP and Flow control
* Networking games, equilibria and fairness
*Wireless networks
* Voice over IP
*Performance evaluation of telecommunication networks
*Local area networks
* Traffic models, simulations, measurement and estimation
* Polling systems and queues with vacations
* Spatial aNAlysis and Conotrol (SNAC)

* 2. Stochastic Control and Stability:

*Control of Markov chains: General theory, constrained MDPs
*Control of Markov chains: Applications
* Non Markovian stochastic control
*Stochastic games
* Control and performance evaluation of systems with delayed information
* Hybrid control
* Stochastic stability

*3. Bio-Inspired Paradigms for Complex Systems

* Evolutionary Games
* Branching Processes and Stochastic recursive equations: theory and applications
* Epidemics, electronic viruses and warms.
* Other

e-SOCiety Culture and Art (e-SOCCA)

Socca is an interdisciplinary project on networking aspects that have an impact on society culture and art. "Socca" is also the French name of a mediteranian dish (pancake of chickpea flour) that one can find from Nice to Pisa, also known as "Farinatta" ("made of flour") in Italian, "Faina" in Genova, and "Cecina" in Tuscany.
My work in SOCCA is part of the involvment of INRIA in a new Interdisciplinary Research Initiative on e-Culture and Societies, called AGORANTIC, centered at the University of Avignon, and co-founded by INRIA and the CNRS. Research axes in e-SOCCA:

* AccesS To knowledgE and Culture (ASTEC):
The interplay between legislation, Economics and information technology
* Network Neutrality
* ITACA - Information Technology and Artistic CreAtion
* DODESCADEN - Data and cOntent DElivery in SoCiAl networks: an epiDEmic aNalysis.

* E. Altman, B. Gaujal and A. Hordijk, Discrete-event control of stochastic networks: Multimodularity and Regularity (Copyrights: Springer Verlag) Springer Verlag, Series: Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2003, XIV, 313 p., Softcover ISBN: 3-540-20358-3.
*E. Altman, Constrained Markov Decision Processes, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 1999.
*E. Altman, Afonso Ferreira, Jerom Galtier, Satellite telecommunication networks (in French), Dunod, Nov., 1999.
*Eitan Altman, and Tania Jimenez, NS simulator for beginners, Morgan and Claypool, publishers, ISBN: 9781608456925, 2011.