On Network Neutrality
Network Neutrality is an approach to providing network access without unfair discrimination between applications nor between content nor between the specific source of the traffic. If there are two applications or services or providers that require the same network resources and one is offered better quality of service (delays, speed, etc.) or is cheaper to access, then there is a discrimination.


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New Interdisciplinary Research Topics:

* Access to knowledge and culture: The interplay between legislation, Economics and information technology
* Network Neutrality
* ITACA - Information Technology and Artistic CreAtion
* DODESCADEN - Data and cOntent DElivery in SoCiAl networks: an epiDEmic aNalysis.

Pannel discussion on Net Neutrality in India and in the rest of the world, May 2015.

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Researchers involved in the discussions and/or our response to the call of the french government for consultation on Network Neutrality (2010):

Arnaud Legout Researcher, PLANETE team, INRIA
Bruno Tuffin DIONYSOS team, INRIA
Chadi Barakat Researcher, PLANETE team, INRIA
Claudia Saavedra Valenzuela France Telecom, Paris
Corinne Touati Researcher MESCAL team, INRIA
Eric Fleury Professor, ENS Lyon.
Julio Rojas-Mora Univ of Avignon, France
Patrick Maille Assistant prof at Telecomm Bretagne
Patrick Waelbroeck Associate prof, Telecom ParisTech
Philippe Jacquet leader of HIPERCOM team, INRIA
Philippe Nain leader of MAESTRO research team INRIA
Pierre Bernhard Emeritus senior scientist, COMORE team, INRIA
Thierry Turletti Researcher, PLANETE team, INRIA
Walid Dabbous Researcher, PLANETE team, INRIA

Network Neutrality