* Graduate course Network Engineering Games Given in UPMC (Paris 6) on Jan-Feb 2010. Students are encouraged to use the lecture notes This course is intended for graduate students and researchers with background on game theory, without engineering background.
* Networking Games Given in Politecnico di Milano on October 2010. Students are encouraged to use the lecture notes This course is aimed for Engineering interested in learning about game theoretic tools and applications in networking
* Satellite Communications given at University Nice Sophia Antipolis
* Modeling information systems and telecommunications, pdf file (28 hours). It contains material on queueing theory, local area networks and analysis of Internet protocols. Given at Facultad de Ing., U.L.A., Mérida, Venezuela.
* NS2 simulator course for beginners (lecture notes in English) A 48 hours course. Given at Facultad de Ing., U.L.A., Mérida, Venezuela. and at University Nice Sophia Antipolis.
* Culture and Internet [ 1 2 3 4 ], department of Culture and Communication in Avignon Univ (UAPV) (36 hours).

Current Ph.D. students

1 Yonthan Portilla, 4th year, Univ Avignon (UAPV).
2 Cedric Richier, 4th year, Univ Avignon (UAPV).
3 Nesrine Trabelsi, 4th year, Univ Avignon (UAPV) Will defend on Dec. 20th 2016.
4 Mikael Touati, 3rd year, Telecom ParisTech Will defend on Nov. 26th 2016.
5 Hind Zaaraoui, 4th year, Univ Avignon (UAPV)
6 Dalia-georgiana Herculea, 2nd year, ENS Paris
7 Said Boularouk, 2nd year, Univ Avignon (UAPV)

Past Ph.D. students (graduation date, current position):

1 Omar Ait-Hellal Flow control in high speed networks Nov. 1998. Assoc. Prof in Long Island Univ.
2 Chadi Barakat Performance evaluation of TCP congestion control Apr. 2001. Researcher at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
3 Rachid El-Azouzi, Oct 2000. Perturbation of dynamic Hybrid Systems with two players. Prof. Univ of Avignon.
4 Parijat Dube "Performance Evaluation of Congestion Phenomena in Communication Networks", Sept. 2002. Researcher IBM, Yorktown Heights, NY.
5 Thomas Boulogne, Dec 2004, Strategic non-atomic games with applications in networks Dec. 2004.
6 Corinne Touati, Sept 2003, Fairness Principles Applied to Telecommunication Networks. Researcher INRIA Grenoble
7 Victor Ramos-Ramos Robust and reliable multimedia transmission over the Internet. Dec. 2004. Prof at UAM-Iztapalapa Mexico , served as dean of Electrical Eng. department.

Past Ph.D. students (continued) [graduation date, current position]:

8 Balakrishna Prabhu Oct. 2005. Markov Chains and Decision Processes for Congestion Avoidance and Power Control. Researcher LAAS, CNRS, Toulouse
9 Ahmad Al-Hanbali, Performance Evaluation of Mobile Wireless Networks ", Nov 2006. Assist. Prof Univ of Twentee
10 Gregory Miller Filtering and Control in Discrete-Continuous Systems with Uncertainties. Dec 2006. Researcher, Inst. of Informatics Problems, Russia.
11 Dinesh Kumar Optimization and Control in Wireless and Computer Networks. Nov, 2008.
12 Nicolas Bonneau, Centralized and Decentralized Multiuser Schemes for Wireless Com. sept 2007. Vice Director of Pole 3E at DIRECCTE, Alsace (Government agency for Enterprises, Emplpoyment and Economy)
13 Hamidou Tembine. Population Games with Networking Applications. sept 2009. Assist. Prof. in NYU.
14 Alonso Silva. Designing and optimizing wireless networks for large populations Researcher, at Nokia Bell-Labs Paris.
15 Alberto Suarez, May 2010, "Resource Allocation for uplink multi-user systems", Sophia-Antipolis, France.
16 Amar Prakash Azad, Advances in Network Control and Optimization, Nov 2010. SAIT (Samsung advanced institute of technology).
17 Dinil Mon Divaaran, "Dealing with Elephants in the Internet: Towards a Flow-Based Internet Architecture". Researcher, Institute for Infocomm Research (I˛R) in Singapore
18 Jean Marc Kelif, Feb 2008, Fluid Models in Wireless Networks. Researcher, Orange Lab, Issy Les Moulineaux, Paris.
19 Khalil Ibrahimi, Feb 2008, Resource Management of Mobile Networks. Associate Prof IBN-TOFAIL University, Faculty of Sciences, Morocco
20 Essaid Sabir, Feb 2008, Univ of Avignon, MAC Protocols Design and a Cross-layered QoS Framework for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks,
21 Sreenath Ramanath, Oct 2011, Cell design and resource allocation for small cell networks Sr. Manager, R and D at Lekha Wireless Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Assoc. Prof in IIT Mumbay.
22 Manjesh Hanawal Kumar graduated on nov. 6, 2013. Analysis of Spatial and Economical Effects in Communication Networks. Assoc. Prof in IIT Mumbay.
23 Cengis Hasan, Graduated on 29 August, 2013. Optimization of resource allocation for small cells networks, CITI, ENSA, Lyon. Postdoc at Cornell University, College of Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
24 Arshad Ali, Telecom SudParis. Topics in Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs): Reliable Transport, Estimation and Tracking Graduated on November 12, 2012. Assist. Prof. Univ. of Lahore, Pakistan
25 Richard Combes, Univ Pierre Paris 6. Self-organizing mechanisms in wireless networks. Graduated in Feb 2013. Assoc. Prof in Supelec.
26 Oussama Habachi, Univ. of Avignon (UAPV) graduated on 28 Sept 2013. Optimization of Partially Observable Systems in Wireless Networks: Game Theory, Self-adaptivity and Learning. Assist. Prof
27 Yuhui Wang, Univ Telecom SudParis. Defended on May 17, 2013. On the use of network coding and multicast for enhancing performance in wired networks.
28 Julien Gaillard, Univ of Avignon (UAPV) Defended on 10 December 2014. "Recommendation Systems: Dynamic Adaptation and Argumentation", Works in a startup in California.
29 Alexandre Reiffers-Masson, Univ Avignon (UAPV). "Competition over visibility and popularity in on line social networks", Defended on 12th January 2016. Researcher, Safran-Tech, Paris.
30 Ilaria Brunetti, Univ Avignon (UAPV) "New approaches to Evolutionary Games and Decision Dynamics", defended on 8th Dec. 2015. Postdoc.
31 Julio Cezar Louzada-Pinto, "Information Diffusion and Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks", Defended on 14 January 2016, Telecom SudParis. Works in a consultant company.
32 Abdoulaye tall, "Optimization and Self-Optimization for LTE networks", Univ Avignon (UAPV) 17 Dec. 2015 Researcher, Orange Lab, Issy Les Moulineaux, Paris.