Shaping Internet Access: technological and socio-economic implications

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New Interdisciplinary Research Topic:

* Access to knowledge and culture: The interplay between legislation, Economics and information technology
* Network Neutrality
* ITACA - Information Technology and Artistic CreAtion
* DODESCADEN - Data and cOntent DElivery in SoCiAl networks: an epiDEmic aNalysis.

Directive 2002/22/EC of the European Union established the access to the Internet as a universal service, i.e. a global service guaranteed to all end users, regardless of their geographical location, at reasonable quality and reliability and at affordable price. The Ministry of Transport and Communication of Finland has passed a Decree in October 2009 that goes beyond the recognition of the right for Internet access: it guarantees the right for broadband Internet connection as an universal service. In view of the pervasive role of the Internet, we study new business models to increase access to knowledge and culture, we study the technological implications of legislation in France and in the EU concerning the Internet and in particular that of the Hadopi french law (entitled in french "Culture : diffusion et protection de la création sur internet").
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Shaping Internet Access