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Integrale de Lebesgue et introduction a l'analyse fonctionnelle, Editions Ellipses


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(November 25, 2007)

I put on my pages images of places important to me; are you able to recognize them?

Selected Talks

Slides of the Summer School on Diffusion Asymptotics, CIRM 2005

Around the 6th Hilbert's problem, 2006 (in French)

Kinetic Equations, Hydrodynamic Limits, Applications, 2006

Modeling and Simulation of Fluid-Particles Flows,

and Modeling and Simulation of Fluid-Particles Flows, 2010

Asymptotics Problems for Wave-Particles Interactions; Quantum and Classical Models , 2007

Presentation of SIMPAF's activities , 2010

Collaboration with Thales , 2010

Review on Radiative Transfer , 2009

Hydrodynamic limits, Knudsen layers and numerical fluxes , 2010

Simulations numeriques : bons schemas et grosses machines: Problemes mathematiques de la simulation numerique , 2012

Lectures Notes

A few words on compactness in Lp spaces

Notes on homogenization and diffusion asymptotics

A course on Lebesgue's integral and functional analysis.... edited by Ellipses, coll. References Sciences

Notes are not always available, but I am really proud of the few courses for which I have been invited abroad:
Homogenization Theory, University of Wien
Hydrodynamic Limits, Universidad Autonoma Barcelona
Kinetic Equations, Universidad Granada
Hyperbolic systems, University Saint Louis Senegal
Mathematical models of charge transport, ISFMA and University Fudan, Shanghai
Mathematical analysis of kinetic equations, Tutorials IPAM, UCLA
From kinetic equations to fluid models, Morningside Center for Mathematics, Beijing
Numerical methods for hyperbolic problems, Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore, with M. Ribot et F. Coquel.
Kinetic schemes, hydrodynamic regimes and finite volumes schemes, SMM-SMAI, ,Villa Hermosa, Mexico