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(November 25, 2007)

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Thierry Goudon

INRIA Senior Research Scientist (DR1)
PhD, 1997, University Bordeaux 1

Personal Information

Born January 1st, 1969, Aix-en-Provence, France
Married, two children.


2011-- : INRIA Senior Research Scientist, Sophia Antipolis Research Centre

2011--: Head of the Team COFFEE (COmplex Flows For Energy and Environment)

2012: Fellowship at DMA, Ecole Normale Superieure, teaching in Scientific Computing

2007--2011 : INRIA Senior Research Scientist, Lille Nord Europe Research Centre

2003--2007 : Professor Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille with a specific CNRS appointment Lab. Paul Painlevé .

2006--2011: Head of the Team SIMPAF-INRIA Lille (SImulation and Modeling for Particles And Fluids)

2003--2007 : Head of the CNRS Network GDR "Interacting Particles"

1997--2003 : University Nice Sophia Antipolis, Lab. J. A. Dieudonné UMR CNRS 6621
Assistant Professor
CNRS Junior Researcher, 2001-2002

Distinctions and Award

Award SMAI--Robert Dautray 2008, recognizing works on radiative transfer


2001: Habilitation à diriger les recherches, Nice

Contributions to the mathematical and asymptotic study of some models of interacting particles

Committee : Y. Brenier, P. Degond, T. Gallouët, N. Mauser, F. Poupaud, with reports by G. Allaire, F. Golse, M. Slemrod.

1994--1997 : University Bordeaux 1, Laboratoire de Mathématiques Appliquees de Bordeaux

Instructor, Grant of the French Research Ministry.
PhD, 1997, Advisor: Kamal Hamdache (Ec. Polytechnique)
Some questions related to the kinetic theory of gases and the Boltzmann equation}
Committee : A. Bachelot, P. Charrier, K. Hamdache, with reports by P. Gérard, B. Perthame, G. Toscani.

1994 : Military Service

1991--1993 : University Bordeaux 1, Magistere MATMECA

Pluridisciplinary formation in Applied Mathematics, and Mechanics, based on modeling, scientific computating and analysis of complex phenomena, Ranked 1st.
MSc in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing, Ranked 1st

1989--1991 : University Aix-Marseille 3

DEUG Sciences des Structures de la Matiere