• Research Director (Emeritus) at INRIA in the Sophia Antipolis  Méditerranée Research Center.  I have created and directed the NeuroMathComp Laboratory, a joint scientific venture between INRIA and the JAD Laboratory at the UNSA until December 31st, 2015. I am now a member of the MathNeuro  and TOSCA groups  in Sophia Antipolis.
  • How to contact me: olivier dot faugeras at inria dot fr
  • JOB OFFERS: I am offering two two-year postdoc positions to work with me on Mean-Field descriptions or thermodynamics limits of large populations of neurons. Keywords are propagation of chaos, correlations, finite size effects, plasticity, comparison with population based approaches. The position is within the SP4 (Theory) of the HBP. Candidates should have a background in mathematics or mathematical physics, especially probability theory, large deviations, mathematical statistical physics, McKean-Vlasov type equations, and a strong interest in applying these theories to neuroscience. They will be expected to interact with other participants of SP4 as well as with some participants of SP3. Interested candidates should send their vitae to me at the above address.
  • My favorite Journal:
The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience         

  • Current work, related interests:
    • Computational neuroscience
    • Mathematics for neuroscience: bifurcation theory, stochastic calculus, integro-differential equations
    • Modelling of biological and machine visual perception
  • Main Current EC funded Project:
    • HBP (European Flagship): Theoretical insights from mathematics can make a valuable contribution to many different areas of HBP research, from modelling of low-level biological processes, to the analysis of large-scale patterns of brain activity and the formalisation of new paradigms of computation. I am a partner within SP4 (Theory).
  • Former EC funded Project:
    • BrainScaleS (supported by the European Union seventh Framework Programme): understanding function and interaction of multiple spatial and temporal scales in brain information processing. This is a follow-up to the FACETS project.
    • NerVi (ERC advanced grant): develop a formal model of information representation and processing in the part of the neocortex that is mostly concerned with visual information.
    • Mathemacs (supported by the European Union seventh Framework Programme): develop a mathematical theory of complex multilevel systems and their dynamics.
  • My recent publications.
  • NEW: In December 2015 I received at ICCV15 the PAMI Azriel Rosenfeld Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is given to researchers in Computer Vision who have made major contributions to the field over their career and who have influenced the field in an extraordinary way. Click here for my speech.
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