• NEW: recipient of the 2014 Okawa foundation prize for "Pioneering contributions for computer vision and for computational neuroscience".
  • How to contact me: Olivier.Faugeras at inria.fr
  • A major conference I am co-organizing June 8-10, 2015:
  • Two Journals I am involved in:
The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience          Image of the cover of SIIMS

  • Current work, related interests:
    • Computational neuroscience
    • Mathematics for neuroscience: bifurcation theory, stochastic calculus, integro-differential equations
    • Modelling of biological and machine visual perception
  • Main Current Projects:
    • BrainScaleS (supported by the European Union seventh Framework Programme): understanding function and interaction of multiple spatial and temporal scales in brain information processing. This is a follow-up to the FACETS project.
    • NerVi (ERC advanced grant): develop a formal model of information representation and processing in the part of the neocortex that is mostly concerned with visual information.
    • Mathemacs (supported by the European Union seventh Framework Programme): develop a mathematical theory of complex multilevel systems and their dynamics.
    • HBP (European Flagship): Theoretical insights from mathematics can make a valuable contribution to many different areas of HBP research, from modelling of low-level biological processes, to the analysis of large-scale patterns of brain activity and the formalisation of new paradigms of computation.
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