Annual Report








Walid Dabbous   (Group leader)

Claude Castelluccia

Thierry Turletti

Vincent Roca

Chadi Barakat

Arnaud Legout

Mohamed Ali Kaafar


Administrative Assistants

Christine Claux (at  INRIA Sophia Antipolis)

Helen Pouchot (at INRIA Rhone-Alpes)


Post Doctoral Fellows


   Young-Hwan Kim (at INRIA Sophia Antipolis)

   Bruno Astuto Aruche Nunes 

   Damien Saucez

   Mate Soos  (at INRIA Rhone-Alpes)

   Gergely ACS



    Maksym Gabielkov  (at INRIA Sophia Antipolis)  

    Wunan Gong 

    Alina Quereilhac

    Xuan Nam Nguyen

    Ashwin RAO

Mathieu Cunche  (at INRIA Rhone– Alpes)

Pere Manils Pacheco

Ludovic Jacquin

Ferdaouss Mattoussi

Daniele Perito



Research Engineers

Thierry Parmentelat , Dream Research Engineer, (at Sophia Antipolis)

Daniel Camara, Research Engineer

Mohamed Larabi, Expert Engineer

Emilio Mancini, Research Engineer

Lucia Guevgeozian Odizzio, Expert Engineer

     Julien Tribino, Associate Engineer (IJD)
     Frederic Urbani, Expert Engineer

Jonathan Detchart, Associate Engineer, (at Rhone-Alpes)




     Maksym Gabielkov, (from Ubinet IFI MSc, Mar - Aug 2012)
     Xuan Nam Nguyen, (from Ubinet IFI MSc, Mar - Aug 2012)
     Riccardo Ravaioli, (from Ubinet IFI MSc, Mar - Aug 2012)
     Francisco Santos, (from EPFL MSc, Feb - Aug 2012)


Visitors at Sophia Antipolis

      Mostafa Ammar,  Georgia Tech (June 2012)




Planète Seminar  at Méolans-Revel,  April 2008

Planete seminar at Meolans-Revel, April 2008



Past Visitors


             Marc Mendonca (PhD student from University of California in Santa Cruz, Sep- Dec  2011)

             Katia Obraczka  (Professor from University of California in Santa Cruz, January 2010)

             Marc Mendonca (MSc student from University of California in Santa Cruz, March  2010)

             Mohammad Hossein Manshaei (Research Scientist from EPFL in  Switzerland, April 2010)

             Roberto Gioacchino Cascella (Postdoc from 2011)

             Luigi Alfredo Grieco (from Politecnico di Bari, March 2009 – June 2009)

             Giovanni Di Stasi (from Universita Federico II di Napoli, March 2009 – April 2009)

             Giuseppe Piro (from Politecnico di Bari, June 2009)

         Federico Maguolo (past visiting PhD student from University of Padova, Italy, November 2007 until March 2008)

         Niels Moller, (past visiting PhD student from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Jan-Mar 2006)

         Jose Miguel Villalon, (past visiting PhD student from University of Castilla La Mancha, Spain,  Oct-Mar 2006)

         Torsten Braun, Professor at University of Bern, Switzerland (Feb-May 2004)


Past Members

              Shafqat-Ur-Rehman, PhD student
              Naveed Bin Rais
, PhD stduent, now Assistant Professor at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore
              Amine Ismail, PhD student, now R&D Engineer at  UDcast
              Mohamad Jaber, PhD student, now postdoc at TIMA Lab.
              Imed Lassoued, PhD student, now R&D Engineer at UDcast
           Stevens Le Blond, PhD student now postdoc at 
Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
              Mohamed Karim Sbai, PhD student, now postdoc at  Telecom Bretagne

          Dominique Guédon, Administrative Assistant at INRIA Sophia Antipolis

          Amir Krifa, Expert Engineer, now R&D Engineer at Sopra group, at Orange

          Anil Kumar Vengalil, Senior Engineer, now at India

          Talip Baris Metin,  Senior Engineer, now at Verivue, Princeton

              Faker Moatmari,  Senior Engineer, Sophia Antipolis

          Lionel Giraud, Associate Engineer, Grenoble left on 30/01/2009 now working in a private company
    Mate Soos, PhD Student now postdoc within SALSA EPI in Paris
Aurelien Francillon
, Ph. D. Student left on 01/11/2009 to Zurich
Diego Dujovne, Ph.D student September 2005- May 2009, now teaching in University Diego Portales – Chili

Mads Hansen  Associate Engineer (IJD), Sophia Antipolis February 2009 – August 2009

Bilel Ben Romdhanne, Associate Engineer (IJD), Sophia Antipolis November 2008 – January 2010           
Jahanzeb Farooq, Associate Engineer, Sophia Antipolis August 2006 – Sept 2008

Mohamed Amine Chaoui, Expert Engineer, at Sophia Antipolis – April 2007 – July 2008

Katia Obraczka (Invited professor, July 2006- July 2007 - UCSC)

Hossam Afifi,  External collaborator  (partial time)

Anwar Al Hamra (post doctoral fellow, now in HCU – Lebanon)

Thrasyvoulos Spyropolous (post doctoral fellow, now in ETHZ)

Yongho Seok (post doctoral fellow, now in LGE, Seoul)

Mohamed.Ali.Kaafar (alias Dali) (Ph.D. student, now post-doc in University of Liège)

Mohammad Malli (Ph.D. student, now teaching assistant in University of Nice Sophia Antipolis)

Imad Aad, (Ph.D. student, now at DoCoMo Euro-Labs)

Lina Al-Chaal

Vijay Arya, now at NICTA, Univ. of Melbourne.

Hitoshi Asaeda, now at WIDE, Japan.

Ludovic Bellier

Ali Boudani

Laurentiu Barza

Antoine Clerget, now CTO of UDcast

Ayman El-Sayed

Thierry Ernst, WIDE, and now back to INRIA.

Fethi Filali, now at Eurecom.

Slim Gara, now at France Télécom

Alexis Gourdon

Dongliang Guan

Ceilidh Hoffmann, now independent consultant.

Zainab Khallouf

Hahnsang Kim, now at Michigan University

Coralie Labbez  (Dec 05-Jun 06)

Julien Laboure

Emmanuel Lety, now at UDcast

Fatma Louati

Hossein Manshaei, now at EPFL

Pars Mutaf, now at INT

Christoph Neumann, now at Thomson Research Lab Paris.

Ni Qiang, Hamilton Institute, Ireland, than Brunel Univ, UK.

Stephane Rety, now at telip

Kavé Salamatian (past external collaborator)

Miguel A. Ruiz Sanchez

Rares Serban

Abdelbasset Trad

Francoise Martin-Trucas

Rafael Rizo, now at France Télécom

Past Trainees

Alaeddine Al Fawal, from the Libanese University, 2001

Al Hamra Anwar, from DEA-RSD, Nice, 2001.

Samuel Heriard Dubreuil, from ENS, Paris, 2001


Ghassane Aniba, from INPT, Maroc, 2002

Gabriel Constantain, from Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, 2002

Abdramane Diallo, from INPT, Maroc, 2002

Mehdi El_badri, from ENSI, Tunis, 2002

Renaud Guerin, from UTT, France, 2002

Jean-Baptiste Lapeyrie, from Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, 2002

Lamia Romdhani, from DEA-RSD, France, 2002

Roger Yerbanga, from ENSIAS, Maroc, 2002


Raja Abdelmournen, from ENSI, Tunis, 2003

Pierre Ansel, from Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, 2003

Gion-Reto Cantieni, from EPFL, 2003

Anne-Sophie Dusserre from DESS Paris 6, 2003

Mureed Hussain, from DEA-RSD, France, 2003

Parakram Khandpur from IIT Delhi, 2003


Abdramane Diallo, from DEA-RSD, France, Mar-Sep 2004.

Danila Koudriashov, from Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau,  2004.

Tianji Li, from DEA-RSD, France Mar-Sep 2004.


Mohamed Abid from ENSI, Tunisia, Sep 2004- Jan 2005

Roman Hangartner, from EPFL, Switzerland, Sep 2004 - Feb 2005

Wacharapol Pokavanich, from AIT, Thailand, Sep-Dec 2004

Musfiq Rahman from AIT, Thailand, Sep 2004 - Jan 2005

Maxime Baudot, from ESSI, France, Jun-Aug 2005

Vincent Charpin, from Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, Apr-Aug 2005

Mohamed Chedly Ghedira, from ENSI, Tunis, Mar-Jun 2005

Munir Mohammad Farukh, from DEA-RSD, Mar-Aug 2005

Wolf Lauppe, from Ecole Polytechnique, Paliseau,  Apr-Aug 2005


Edmond Abboud, Master-RSD, Jan-Jun 2006

Mohammad Abdul Awal, Internet education and research laboratory (Interlab) Thailand, Feb-May 2006

Clement Perrin, Ecole polytechnique, Palaiseau, Apr-Jun 2006

Mehdi Msakni, from ENSI, Tunis, Jan-Jun 2006

Mohamed Karim Sbai, from ENSI Tunis, Jan-Jun 2006


Ahmad  Ayadi, from ENSI Tunis, September 2007 until February 2008

Amir Krifa from ENSI Tunis,  September 2007 until February 2008

Imen Chakroun  (from ENSI Tunis, February - June 2008) 

Guy Hugot-Derville (from Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, April – July 2008)

Marcel Sutter (from EPFL Lauzanne, September 2008 – March 2009)

Emna Salhi  (from ENSI Tunis, September 2008 – February 2009)


Mariem Abdelmoula (from SUPCOM Tunis, February – June 2009)

Maher Ben Yahmed (from ENSI Tunis, February - June 2009)

Ludovic Fardel (from EPFL Lauzanne, February 2009 – August 2009)

Cao Cuong NGO (from ifi in Hanoi, March 2009 – August 2009)

Martin Hernan Ferrari (from Universidad de Buenos Aires, April – October 2009)

Gaël Grimaud (from IUT/Institut Universitaire de Technologie in Nice, April – June 2009)

Adrien Gallais (from ECE/Ecole Centrale d’Electronique in Paris, June – July 2009)

Guillaume Seguin (from ENS/Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, June – August 2009)

Nabil Echaouch (from ENSI Tunis, February – June 2010 and  october 2010 - Feb 2011)

Kamel Trimeche (from ENSI Tunis, February - June 2010)

Mariem Abdelmoula (from UBINET Master Nice Sophia Antipolis University, March - August 2010)

Carlo D’Elia (from Politecnico Di Bari Italy, March - July 2010)

Martin Ferrari (from UBINET Master Nice Sophia Antipolis University, April – September 2010)

Ilias Chatzidrosos (from KTH in Sweden,  April – July 2010)

Amine Elabidi (from ENSI Tunis, July - August 2010 & October - November 2010)


Herve Falciani (from Ubinet IFI UNSA, Mar - Aug 2011)

Claudio Daniel Freire (from UBA Argentina, Apr - Aug 2011)

Mauricio Jost (from Ubinet IFI UNSA, Mar - Aug 2011)

Ana Nika (from NKU Athenes, Mar - Jul 2011)

Sandun Wijayarathne (from Ubinet IFI UNSA, Mar - Aug 2011)

Here is a picture of our team during a seminar  at Giens in March 2002


An old  picture of  during 1999's seminar  at Serre Chevalier, May 1999.


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