Alina Quereilhac Ph.D. candidate at INRIA Sophia antipolis

I am a Ph.D. candidate working with Dr. Walid Dabbous and Dr. Thierry Turletti in the topic of "Integration of heterogeneous experimental environments for the evaluation of networking protocols and applications". I joined the Diana team (ex Planete team) at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis in December 2009 as a research engineer. There, I participated to the development of several networking experimental platforms (such as Planetlab, NS-3 Simulator, and NEMU emulator), and to the testbed federation efforts. In July 2011 I started a Ph.D. with the objective to deepen my knowledge of networking and experimental research.


Communication networks, content distribution, network virtualization and network evaluation environments. I am specially interested on studying solutions to perform network protocols and application evaluation in an automated manner, over different environments, whether virtual, physical or a mixture of both. This involves discovering adequate techniques to design, deploy and control network experiments on complex systems, while ensuring experiment repeatability and stability.

I am also interested in other research areas such as collection and processing of large data sets and information retrieval.


Univ. of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France
Ph.D. candidate (Expected Feb. 2015)
Thesis topic: Integration of heterogeneous experimental environments for the evaluation of networking protocols and applications
Advisors: Dr. Walid Dabbous and Dr. Thierry Turletti

University of Buenos Aires (School of Engineering), Argentina
Informatics engineering dregree (2008)
Final project: Solving sparsity and cold start problems in recommender systems
Advisor: Prof. Adriana EcheverrÍa



Wim Vandenberghe, Brecht Vermulen, Piet Demeester, Alexander Willner, Symeon Papavassiliou, Anastasius Gavras, Michael Sioutis, Alina Quereilhac, Yahya Al-Hazmi, Felicia Lobillo, Florian Scheiner, Celia Velayos, Albert Vico-Oton, Georgios Androulidakis, Chrysa Papagianni, Okung Ntofon, and Michael Boniface Architecture for the Heterogeneous Federation of Future Internet Experimentation Facilities, In procedures of Future network and mobile summit 2013

Claudio Freire, Alina Quereilhac, Thierry Turletti and Walid Dabbous Automated deployment and customization of routing overlays on PlanetLab, In TridentCom 2012

Alina Quereilhac, Mathieu Lacage, Claudio Freire, Thierry Turletti and Walid Dabbous, NEPI: An integration framework for Network Experimentation , In Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM), 2011


Young-Hwan Kim, Alina Quereilhac, Mohamed Larabi, Julien Tribino, Thierry Turletti, Thierry Parmentelat and Walid Dabbous. Enabling iterative development and reproducible evaluation of network protocols In Future Internet Testbeds special issue, Elsevier


Alina Quereilhac, Daniel Camara, Thierry Turletti and Walid Dabbous. Experimentation with large scale ICN multimedia services on the Internet made easy In, IEEE COMSOC MMTC E-Letter 8, 4 (2013) 10-12, 2013


Alina Quereilhac and Priya Mahadevan. Evaluating Costs of CCN Overlays In CCNxCon community meeting 2013

Alina Quereilhac, Thierry Turletti and Walid Dabbous. A Multi-Platform Event-Driven Controller for Network Experiments In, CoNEXT'12 Student Workshop

Alina Quereilhac, Anshuman Kalla, Thierry Turletti and Walid Dabbous Easy CCNx experimentation on PlanetLab In CCNxCon community meeting 2012

Alina Quereilhac,Claudio Freire, Thierry Turletti and Walid Dabbous Controllable packet prioritization on PlanetLab using NEPI, In TridentCom 2012

Alina Quereilhac, Thierry Turletti and Walid Dabbous Managing heterogeneous ns-3 experiments with NEPI, In WNS3 2012


CCNx Experimentation over PlanetLab using NEPI (slides) at Summer school on Information Centric Networking, Rescom 2013, Porquerolles, France, May 13-17, 2013

An overview of NEPI: Network Experimentation Programming Interface (slides) at Winter school on Experimental Methods in Wireless Communications, EURECOM, Sophia Antipolis, France, February 20-22, 2012


(co supervised with Dr. Thierry Turletti)

Phuong Tran Huu (2014), on topic "A benchmark for Future Internet Technologies"

Alexandros Kouvakas (2013), on topic "An OpenFlow framework for integrated simulation and live experimentation"

Lucia Guevgeozian (2012), on topic "Automatic IP address and routing table assignment for heterogeneous network topologies"

Claudio Freire (2011), on topic "Extending NEPI: Adding support for PlanetLab experimentation platform"



2010 - present INRIA Research institute, France  
  Research Engineer at DIANA team  
  Experimental environments for future Internet architectures  
  • Led a three person team for the Network Experiment Programming Interface (NEPI) project
  • Designed the architecture of a generic and extensible API to model network experiments using simulators, emulators, and network testbeds, and implemented the core logic to control experiments on these platfroms
  • Contributed to the development of experimental networking environments, including the NS-3 network simulator, the Nemu emulator, and PlanetLab Internet testbed
  • Led tasks on network experiment control for testbed federation in two European projects (Fed4FIRE, Openlab)
2013 (3 months) PARC, USA  
  Research visitor  
  Content Centric Networking  
  • Developed experimental framework to evaluate Content Named Networking (CCNx). CCNx implements a new networking paradigm aimed at replacing TCP/IP stack on the Internet
  • Evaluated CCNx flooding routing mechanism, using the developed framework
2009 - 2010 Kohali S.A., Argentine  
  Php programmer and architect  
  Web products  
  • Designed the architecture of a Object-Relational Mapping framework for large MySQL databases and implemented it using Php
  • Developed MetroFlog Web site using Object Oriented Programming in Php
  • Developed Javascript widgets using Prototype and Scriptaculous
2008 - 2009 Capgemini, Argentine  
  Java programmer and requirement analyst  
  Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing  
  • Analysed requirements for outsourcing projects
  • Participated to the developlment of report generation system using Java/EJB
2006 - 2008, Argentine  
  Java programmer and system administrator  
  Online survey services in Latin America  
  • Analised requirements and developed a system for online survey management in Java
  • Designed and administered PostgreSql and SQLServer databases
  • Implemented store procedures for SQL Server
  • Managed Linux and Windows networks
2004 - 2006 Solar Servicios Online S.A, Argentine  
  Java programmer  
  Credit Information & Payment Processing Services  
  • Maintained e-commerce system in Java, which interacted with main credit card companies
2004 - 2005 University of Buenos Aires, Argentine  
  Class assistant  
  Class assistant for Algorithms and Programming III with Prof. Carlos Fontela.  
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