Annual Report


Open Positions


Research Projects

National initiatives

  • CMON (Métrologie collaborative / Conception de nouveaux services et usages) ANR Project.
  • CONNECT (Content-Oriented Networks), ANR Project, VERSO Program.
  • F-Lab (Federating computing resources), ANR Project, VERSO Program.
  • PLEXUS (Plateforme Expérimentale Campus-STIC), CPER Project.

INRIA Research Initiatives (DRI)

  • COMMUNITY  (Communication in heterogeneous networks with episodic connectivity), Associated Team with UCSC.
  • MOBSIM (An integrated simulation platform for the evaluation of mobile radio networks)

European Projects

  • ECODE  (Experimental COgnitive Distributed Engine), FP7 European Project.
  • NOVI (Networking Innovations Over Virtualized Infrastructures), FP7 European Project.
  • ONELAB2 (An Open Networking Laboratory Supporting Communication Network based on PlanetLab), FP7 European Project.


Previous Projects

  • EXPESHARE (ITEA) (Experience sharing in mobile peer communities)
  • CEDRE (Stratégie de construction des Overlays Pair à Pair /Scientific Cooperation between France & Libanon - )
  • DIVINE (Video transmission over heterogeneous receivers and links)
  • GENESIM “Associated Team”
  • @IRS (An architecture for mobility support in a fixed/mobile interworking environment edge router)
  • @IRS++ (Extension of @IRS project)
  • ARCADE (Adaptive Control Architecture for IP Networks)
  • CAPRI-FEC (Design and analysis of Application Level FEC codes and application to mobile communications)
  • COIAS (Global Internet Infrastructure (GII) based on ATM and satellite)
  • CONSTELLATIONS (Satellites constellation for multimedia)
  • DIPCAST (Support of multicast routing on multibeam regenerative satellite links)
  • DESS (Software development methodology for real-time embedded systems such as software radios)
  • DSE (Distributed Software Engineering -- Planete took  part as a sub-contractor to this project)
  • I3 (Internet 3)
  • INTRADIFF (DiffServ mechanisms with dynamic quality of service support)
  • MECCANO (High quality multimedia distance education and collaboration tools)
  • MobiQoS (QoS support for mobile applications)
  • MobiNET (Mobility support for networks)
  • MOBISEC V6 (Mobility management in all-IP cellular networks)
  • MUSE (Multi Service Access Everywhere)
  • OSCAR (Overlay networks Security: Characterization, Analysis and Recovery)
  • SPLASH (ACI on Secure protocols for Mobile ad hoc networks)
  • UBISec&Sens (Ubiquitous Sensing and Security in the European Homeland)
  • VIP (Videoconference over Wireless IP)
  • VISI (Optimisation of H.263+ and MPEG-4 video flows transmission over the Internet)
  • VTHD (Performance of communication protocols over a "really" high speed network)
  • VTHD++ (Performance of communication protocols over a "really" high speed network)


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