Warning: Neuromathcomp project-team has ended in December 2015. These pages are no longer maintained. Two new teams have been created out of Neuromathcomp:


Current contracts

  • Renvision [2013-2016] (FP7-ICT)
  • Mathemacs [2012-2015] (FP7-ICT, FET Proactive: Dynamics of Multi-Level Complex Systems), Mathematics of Multilevel Anticipatory Complex Systems
  • Keops [2010-2013] (ANR), Algorithms for modeling the visual system: From natural vision to numerical applications
  • BrainScaleS [2011-2015] (EU FET-Proactive FP7): The BrainScaleS project aims at understanding function and interaction of multiple spatial and temporal scales in brain information processing.
  • NerVi (ERC, funded under the ERC 2008 IDEAS call): From single neurons to visual perception

Past contracts

  • SEARISE (FP7-ICT, Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics, 2008-2011): The SEARISE project develops a trinocular active cognitive vision system, the Smart-Eyes, for detection, tracking and categorization of salient events and behaviours.
  • FACETS (FP6, FET, 2006-2010), Fast Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States
  • HR-Cortex (ANR, 2006-2009), High-resolution intracellular recordings in cortical neurons

Past history

We were part of the Odyssée team that was created in 2002 by Olivier Faugeras.