Warning: Neuromathcomp project-team has ended in December 2015. These pages are no longer maintained. Two new teams have been created out of Neuromathcomp:

Some illustrations

demo Example of a two-population, three-dimensional bump, isosurfaces are shown. Transparencies increases linearly from red to blue (Courtesy O. Faugeras and R. Veltz)
demo Bifurcation diagram of the quartic integrate-and-fire neuron and related spike trains (Courtesy J. Touboul)
demo Example of an H-planform to study the bifurcations of the solutions of the neural mass equations in the Poincaré disk model of the two-dimensional hyperbolic space (Courtesy P. Chossat and O. Faugeras)
demo Edge of chaos on BMS Neural Network with Laplacian connections (Courtesy J. Vasquez and B. Cessac)
demo Bio-inspired models for action recognition (Courtesy M.J. Escobar and P. Kornprobst)

Past history

We were part of the Odyssée team that was created in 2002 by Olivier Faugeras.