Warning: Neuromathcomp project-team has ended in December 2015. These pages are no longer maintained. Two new teams have been created out of Neuromathcomp:

Faculty and Staff

Olivier Faugeras
Team leader
Computational neuroscience, modeling of biological and machine visual perception, mathematics for neuroscience: bifurcation theory, stochastic calculus, integro-differential equations Publications
Bruno Cessac
Dynamical systems, statistical physics, modelling and analysing neural networks, spike train statistics Publications
Pascal Chossat
Equivariant dynamical systems and bifurcations, applications to the modelling of neural masses, in particular for the visual cortex Publications
James Inglis
Probability theory and stochastic analysis Publications
Pierre Kornprobst
Biological and artificial vision, spiking neural networks, variational and PDE-based approaches Publications
Romain Veltz
Bifurcation analysis, delay differential equation, pattern formation, dynamical systems, synaptic plasticity Publications
Marie-Cecile Lafont
Team assistant