IBM of forest dynamics


An Individual-based model simulator for forest dynamics including a zone of influence mark developed in 2008 and 2009 by Nicolas Desassis and Fabien Campillo in the context of the ARC Inria project MICR, in Matlab.

This piece of software does not pretend to simulate realistic forest ecosystems, it aims at illustrating the simulation of spatiotemporal Markovian models of very simple terrestrial population dynamics.

The proposed model is individual-based models (IBM) where each individual in the population is explicitly represented in the model as well as each mechanisms acting on each individual tree.

This work aims at developing an individual-based Markovian model of forest dynamics with competition for the access to nutrients or light. The model combines pure jump mechanisms as birth/dissemination, natural death (natural and by competition) together with a continuous mechanism of growth [see the slides presented at XXIVth International Biometric Conference in University College Dublin — July 13th to 18th 2008].

The algorithm is detailed and analyzed in Fabien Campillo and Marc Joannides. A spatially explicit Markovian individual-based model for terrestrial plant dynamics, arXiv:0904.3632v2, 2010.

The simulation software has been developed in collaboration with Nicolas Desassis.[download MatLab source code]


A run of the IBM, each individual is represented by its zone of influence (a circle), see the following video:

(see also on youtube).