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Applications and demos of CORESE

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Solve Sudoku using an RDF graph and a SPARQL query with Corese.

The first version of the Corese prototype was created in 1999. Corese is now used, and has been used, as semantic search engine in the following applications :

  1. eWOK HUB : RNTL 2006-2008 : Environment Web Ontology Knowledge Hub, with BRGM, CRITT, EADS, ENSMP, IFP, INRIA, LISI/ENSMA
  2. Palette : European project on Pedagogically sustained Adaptative LEarning Through the exploitation of Tacit and Explicit knowledge. (2006-2008)
  3. SevenPro : European project on Semantic Virtual Engineering Environment for Product Design (2006-2008)
  4. SeaLife : European project on A Semantic Grid Browser for the Life Sciences Applied to the Study of Infectious Diseases (2006-2008)
  5. Sewese : Semantic Web Server Factory
  6. SweetWiki : Semantic Web Enabled Technologies for Wikis
  7. KM2 : Knowledge Management with Philips Sophia Antipolis (and UNSA/CNRS Gredeg), SeWeSe + Corese, 2005-2006
  8. CSTB : Agent software for the Web mining: Application in the science-technology watch (monitoring)
  9. KMP : Knowledge Management Platform at Sophia Antipolis, RNRT project 2003-2004 and 2004-2005, DRIRE 2005-2006.
    • Rodige & Latapses UNSA-CNRS, INRIA, ENST, GET, Telecom Valley
    screenshot 1 - screenshot 2 - screenshot 3 - screenshot 4 - screenshot 5
  10. QBLS : Question Based Learning System for eLearning Sylvain Dehors.
  11. EADS CCR (Corporate Research Center) : Collaboration on a prototype of Corporate Semantic Web on Knowledge Management for an Industrial Research Center. 2003-2004.
    screenshot 1 - screenshot 2 - screenshot 3
  12. Aim@ShapeTested by the INRIA Galaad team for Aim@Shape European project 2004-2006.
  13. Project Memory at UTT Tech Cico with Nada Matta.
  14. Ligne de Vie ACI project : Patient Medical Record with ontologies and viewpoints, with Nautilus Corp. 2003-2004.
  15. Meat Bioinformatics with IPMC : describing experiments with DNA microarrays,
  16. EcoAgents : Collaboration with University of Santiago, Chile, departement of economics 2003-2004. Representation of informations from ISIC standard into RDF and exploitation with Corese, funded by Conicyt. Inria Chile Cooperation
  17. Comma European IST project : COrporate Memory Management through Agents, 2000-2001
    • Atos, Deutsche Telekom T-Systems Nova, CSTB, CSELT, University of Parma, LIRMM, INRIA
    screenshot 1 - screenshot 2
  18. Samovar project with Renault, car design project memory, 2000-2002
  19. Aprobatiom project with CSTB, design documents management, 2001
  20. Escrire project : Inria cooperation with Orpailleur and Exmo teams to compare objects, description logics and conceptual graphs for document content model, 2001-2002