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Contacts for CORESE

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To contact the team currently working on CORESE just send an email to

Many persons have contributed to the design and development of Corese :

  • Rose Dieng had the original ideas on knowledge acquisition from text using conceptual graphs (1992) and had the early idea (1998) to use XML for knowledge systems
  • Philippe Martin studied the use of CG in his PhD Thesis and build an early prototype called CGKAT which inspired Corese
  • Ahmed Amerkad (ENSIAS, Maroco), 2000, designed the CG to RDF pretty printer
  • Francis Avnaim INRIA, works on optimizing Corese
  • Laurent Berthelot (IUP Avignon) 2001, worked on the projection algorithm and statistics processor during his DRT
  • Olivier Corby is the designer of Corese
  • Fabien Gandon (INRIA & UNSA, Nice-Sophia Antipolis), 2001, designed algorithms for distribution handling in the Comma project, semantic distance in the ontology, XSLT stylesheets to navigate RDF Schema and he also designed the O'Comma RDFS Ontology
  • Cédric Hébert (UNSA, Nice-Sophia Antipolis), 1999, developped the first prototype during his DEA training
  • Phuc Nguyen (IFI, Vietnam), 2001, designed the user interface, with the help of Alain Giboin
  • Olivier Savoie (2002-2003) is reengineering and extending Corese to facilitate the diffusion
  • José de Sousa (LIP6) 2001, designed the inference rule engine during his DESS training with the help of Catherine Faron-Zucker