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Sewese: SEmantic WEb SErver

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Short description.

     All semantic web applications using a semantic engine (like CORESE) provide common functionalities that could be factorized into a semantic web application development platform. The goal of such a platform is to provide reusable, configurable and extensible components in order to reduce the amount of time spent to develop new semantic web applications and to allow these applications to focus on their domain specificities.
Sewese is an implementation of such a plateform built upon CORESE engine. This framework provides a set of functionalities like generation of interfaces for requests, edition and navigation, and management of the transverse functions of a portal (presentation, internationalization, security, ...). An ontology editor, a generic annotation editor and a basic rule editor are parts of the Sewese platform.


     Here is screenshots of Sewese demo.

form: annotation edition
Example of a form to edit an annotation

a query result
Example of a query result page

another query result
Example of a query result page

ontology editor
View of the ontology editor

*Used by projects:

  • KM2: an application for enterprise skills management, developped by Acacia team for Philips Semiconductors.
  • Sweetwiki: a semantic wiki.
  • Palette, Sevenpro (european projects) and e-Wok_Hub (RNTL project)

  • *Contacts within Acacia Priscille Durville, Fabien Gandon

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