User Extensions

The extension package system allows the language compiled by Bigloo to be extended and this is achieved by associating an extension file with a suffix. The extension file is loaded at the beginning of a compilation and it can do three things: call extern programs (unix programs); define macros; modify the values of some of the compiler's variables (for example, the list of the libraries to be linked with). The Bigloo's initializing procedure is the following:

For now, two extension packages exist: the Meroon package which is a native version of the Christian Queinnec object language; the Camloo [SerranoWeis94] package which is a front end compiler for the Caml language [Caml-light]

Furthermore, Bigloo supports the -extend option which forces the usage of an extension file. When Bigloo encounters this option, it immediately loads the extension file, invoking the function *extend-entry* with the list of arguments which have not been parsed yet.

The extension files are always sought in the directory containing the Bigloo's libraries.

User pass

Bigloo allows the user to add a special pass to the regular compilation, this pass taking place before macro expansion. There are two ways to add a user pass.