Bigloo contributions

Bigloo @ Schemers

  • Schemers is a big collection of containers for Scheme implementations.
  • 45 implementations and more are coming!
  • All containers boot into a REPL by default. They also offer a Linux bash shell for compiling code and exploring the system.


SRI-64 -- The srfi library is an implementation of SRFI 64 for Bigloo.

Compressed I/O library

The compressed I/O library SRI-64 mirrors the gzip and deflate procedures included in the standard library but also supports output to compress files. The supported compression methods are gzip, bzip2, xz, lz4, and zstd. Both the native and jvm backends are supported.


SRFI-231 -- The srfi library is an implementation of SRFI 231 for Bigloo. It supports both the native and jvm backends. It supports all of the procedures defined by SRFI-231 but does differ from the gambit implementation in a few ways. The first is that specialized storage classes for complex numbers are not supported and that a specialized numeric storage class is only compatible with the generic storage class and itself, as opposed to all numeric storage classes with inclusive numeric ranges.


SRFI-42 -- Eager Comprehensions.


SRFI-133 -- Vector Library.


SRFI-133 -- Range Objects

If you have contributions you would like to be included here, please contact manuel serrano at inria fr.