The Bigloo parameters drive the global behavior programs. A parameter is accessed via a pair of functions: a reader and a setter. The type of the value is given, in this documentation, by the name of the parameter of the setter.

bigloo-strict-r5rs-stringsbigloo function

bigloo-strict-r5rs-strings-set! booleanbigloo function

Traditional syntax conforms to the Revised Report if the parameter bigloo-strict-r5rs-strings is not #f. Otherwise constant strings specified by the "([^"]|\")*" are considered as foreign strings.

For example, after reading the expression "1\n23\t4\"5", the following string is built, which is equal to (string #\1 #\n #\2 #\3 #\t #\4 #\" #\5) if (bigloo-strict-r5rs-strings) is not #f. It is (string #\1 #\n #\2 #\3 #\tab #\4 #\" #\5) otherwise.

Printing this string will produce: 1n23t4"5.

The new foreign syntax allows C escape sequences to be recognized. For example, the expression #"1\n23\t4\"5" builds a string equal to:

(string #\1 #\newline #\2 #\3 #\t #\4 #\" #\5)

and printing this string will then produce:
23    4"5

bigloo-compiler-debugbigloo function

bigloo-compiler-debug-set! integerbigloo function

bigloo-debugbigloo function

bigloo-debug-set! integerbigloo function

bigloo-warningbigloo function

bigloo-warning-set! integerbigloo function

These parameters control the debugging and warning level. The bigloo-compiler-debug is automatically controlled by the compiler command line -g option (see Command Line Parsing).

When a program is compiled in debug mode lvl, the compiler introduces a call to (bigloo-debug-set! lvl) before the evaluation of the first expression.

The bigloo-debug parameter is used to control traces (see Tracing).

bigloo-tracebigloo function

bigloo-trace-set! listbigloo function

Specifies the active trace (see with-trace form). The argument list is the list of symbols which are active and which triggers the display of a with-trace form.

bigloo-trace-colorbigloo function

bigloo-trace-color-set! boolbigloo function

Enables/disables traces coloring (see Tracing).

bigloo-trace-stack-depthbigloo function

bigloo-trace-stack-depth-set! integerbigloo function

Controls the depth of the stack trace to be displayed on errors. With systems that supports shell variables (such as Unix) this parameter is dynamically adjusted according to the value of the SHELL variable BIGLOOSTACKDEPTH.

bigloo-eval-strict-modulebigloo function

bigloo-eval-strict-module-set! boolbigloo function

When set to #t enables eval optimization that inlines operators calls. This optimization reduces the memory footprint of an application and it reduces the execution time.

bigloo-dns-enable-cachebigloo function

bigloo-dns-enable-cache-set! boolbigloo function

Enable/disable DNS name caching.

bigloo-dns-cache-validity-timeoutbigloo function

bigloo-dns-cache-validity-timeout-set! integerbigloo function

Get/set the validity period for the DNS cache entries. It is expressed in seconds.