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REVES is a research group of Inria Sophia-Antipolis. Our research focuses on computer rendering of images and sound.

Our goal is to develop novel algorithms to improve the speed and quality of computer-generated images and spatialized audio, as well as that of virtual and augmented environments. We are specifically interested in the interaction between the two media, since it is well established that the sense of immersion and presence is greatly enhanced in virtual environments when combining them.

We investigate "plausible rendering" approaches, for both images and sound, which are typically approximate but efficient techniques. We also develop algorithms for slower, but accurate rendering approaches, which are often based on simulation of the underlying physical phenomena. Developing smooth transitions between the two extremes is an important concern in our research.

The rendering algorithms we develop can be applied to virtual and augmented environments. We develop relighting methods which allow us to virtually change lighting conditions, striving to make them efficient and usable. We also investigate how to enrich 3D scenes with sound, and appropriate representations to improve interaction in these environments.

Through our industrial and academic collaborations we are applying our research to virtual heritage, architecture and urban planning, computer games and audio-visual production.

Contact Address:
2004, route de Lucioles
F-06902 Sophia-Antipolis, FRANCE

Tel: +33 4 92 38 77 80 (admin. assistant)
Fax: +33 4 89 73 24 06

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