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For a more detailed description of the associated projects see the research page.

Ongoing Projects

Perceptual Audio Processing
audioCull audioCluster
Dynamic masking of sound sources. Inaudible
in red. Listening  position
corresponds to the red sphere [TGD04]

Dynamic clustering
of sound sources for efficient 3D audio rendering.

For more information, see the project pages and the publications:  [TGD04] (SIGGRAPH 2004), [Tsi05] DAFx'05.

Image-based Reconstruction and Rendering

An oak tree captured and rendered using
the approach of [RMD04]
A pine tree example.

For more information, see the SIGGRAPH 2004 publication: [RMD04]

Interactive Illumination

A comparison of our interactive ambient occlusion approximation [HPAD06] (left) compared to the
previous Reeves and Blau (SIGGRAPH 85) approach (right)

For more details see the I3D'06 publication [HPAD06]

Past Projects (2001-2005)

Virtual Environments and Urban Planning (CREATE, 2002-2005)

A view of the simulator of the VE constructed for the
Tramway project in the context of CREATE.
One of the architects of the project using
the system.

For more information, see the publications: EGVE'04 [DRT+04] (Presence'07, [DRTR07], forthcoming)

Virtual Archeology (2003-2005)

dancer developpees
The Dancers column, rendering with ray-tracing using the reconstruction
method of [DEDS05].
A “Développée” rendered using the method of
[DDGM+04], and used for the illustration
on a book on archeology.

For more information, see the publications: VAST'04 [DDGM+04], and the technical report [DEDS05].


Shapshot from our workbench simulator, showing
the VE used by the archeologists. [RD03c]
Snapshots from the simulator: Above: two
hypothesis for the Tholos at Argos. Below:
an NPR rendering presented on the workbench.

For more information, see the  VAST'03 publication [RD03c] and the ARCHEOS page.

Sketch-based Modelling (2001-2004)

drawing 01
A typical model created by the sketching tool of [BCD01] The model creation process and
the final 
model  of the
``Relief'' sketch-based modelling
tool [BCCD04]
For more information see the Eurographics 01 [BCD01] and the EG Symposium on Sketch-Based Modelling 04 [BCCD04] publications.

Point-Based Modelling and Rendering (2001-2004)

An example combining procedural objects
(water and terrain) and sampled complex
geometry (trees) using the method of [SD01]
An image of a complex ecosystem rendered using
our solution based on points and polygons [DCSD02]
For more information see the EGWR 01 paper (project page)  [SD01] and the IEEE Viz'02 publication [DCSD02].

mobPBR pomoi
Result of our point-based rendering
approach developed for mobile devices
A small object reconstructed from a small set of
photographs, using our interactive

point-based system [PSD+03]

For more information, see the publications:
lexible point rendering on mobile devices [DD04], interactive image-based modelling using points [PSD+03] .

Perspective Shadow Maps (2002)

An image generated using the perspective
shadow maps with the shadow map
as an inset. The perspective distortion
can be clearly seen.
(Right) traditional shadow map.  (Left)
perspective shadow map at the same resolution.
The quality is improved significantly.
For more information, see the project page and SIGGRAPH 2002 publication: [DD02]

Robust Epsilon Visibility (2002)


Results of the epsilon-visibility approach to compute shadow lines [DD02]

For more information, see the SIGGRAPH 2002 publication: [DD02]

Aging (2001-2002)

impacts peeling
Above: a real photograph of a trunk with impacts.
Below: the simulated impacts with [PPD01]
Above: a real photograph of a door with peeling.
Below: the simulated peeling with [PPD02]

For more information see the Graphics Interface papers  [PPD01]  [PPD02].

Global Illumination (2001-2002)

Final gether
An image computed using the final gather approach of [SSS02] An image computed with the
unified global illumination method of [GD04]

For more information see the ACM Trans. on Graphics 2004 publication: [GD04], and the EGWR 2002 paper [WDG02] and Eurographics 2001 paper [GD01].

For the work of M. Stamminger, see the Eurographics 2002 paper [SSS02].

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