"An integrated simulation platform for the
           evaluation of mobile radio networks "

Public material

Bake released

Bake is now released and since ns-3 version 17 one of the standard ways to integrate ns-3.
To use bake you should have installed in your machine, at least, Python and Mercurial. The simplest way to install ns-3-dev in your machine would be :
   > hg clone
   > cd bake
   > configure -e ns-3-dev
   > deploy

Wiplan  for ns-3.18.

Wiplan module is ready for you to use over the ns-3.18. Here you will find the zip file and the bake entry to install it over ns-3.18. In fact you just need to add the code below to your bakeconf.xml file, or ~/.bakerc file and call:
   > configure -e wiplan
   > deploy
-- To add on your bakeconf.xml --

<module name="wiplan"> <source type="archive"> <attribute name="url" value=""/> <attribute name="module_directory" value="ns-3.18"/> <attribute name="additional-module" value="True"/> <attribute name="patch" value="$SRCDIR/../ns-3.18/src/wiplan/patch/wiplan-ns-3.18.patch"/> </source> <depends_on name="ns-3.18" optional="False"/> <build type="none" objdir="yes"> </build> </module>

Phone conference 

Minutes of the 04/Jul/2012 project meeting

ATD audition

Bake is the ns-3 integration tool created in the context of MOBSIM. It is able to automatic build the ns-3 project, with all the modules dependencies.
To lean more about Bake, just follow the link!

ATD audition

The work done over the ADT was presented at INRIA - Sophia Antipolis

Phone conference

Minutes of the 04/Jul/2012 project meeting

First project meeting minutes

Minutes of the 20/Feb/2012 project meeting

ns-3 tutorial

Tutorial over ns-3 the network simulator, presented on the project meeting 20/Feb/2012

HYPERCOM presentation

Work in progress, Hypercom group, presented on the project meeting 20/Feb/2012

Socrate presentation

Méthodologies pour la planification de réseaux sans-fil, Socrate group, presented on the project meeting 20/Feb/2012

Bake  presentation

Bake tool presentation, Planete group, presented on the project meeting 20/Feb/2012

Agenda for the project meeting, 20/Feb/2012

9:00- 10:00 - Petit déjeuner et Accueil

10:00 - 12:00 - Tutoriel ns3

12:00 - 13:30 - Déjeuner

13:30 - 15:30 - Présentation des travaux de chaque équipe
- Hipercom 40 min
- Swing 40 min
- Planète 40 min

15:30 - Pause de 5-10 min
15:40 - 16:30 - Définition de le mode opératoire du projet

First phone call meeting minutes

Minutes of the first phone conference meeting - 20/Dec/2011

ADT proposal

Proposal for the ADT (MOBSIM: une plateforme de simulation de réseaux radio mobiles)


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          Project meeting

                   Sophia Antipolis 20/02/2012

                     - Cedric Adjih
                     - Daniel Camara
                     - Guillaume Villemaud
                     - Hana Baccouch
                     - Tao Wang
                     - Thierry Turletti
                     - Walid Dabbous

         Engineering visit

                    Sophia Antipolis 20/02/2012-23 /02/2012

                     - Tao Wang