Past members: PostDocs

James Rankin Research interest: Numerical continuation, bifurcation analysis, motion perception, modeling the visual cortex
Postdoc from 01/10/2010 until 31/09/2013
Now: Postdoctoral position at New York University with John Rinzel's
Vivien Robinet Research interest: Spike trains, information theory, statistics, compression, dynamical systems
Postdoc from 01/09/2010 until 31/08/2011
Now: Assistant Professor (Maitre de Conferences, Universite de Guyane)
Neil Bruce Research interest: computational neuroscience, visual attention, natural image statistics, statistical and Bayesian approaches, information theory, computer vision and machine learning
Postdoc from 09/01/2009 until 12/31/2010
Now: Assistant Professor at University of Manitoba, Canada
Easwara Subramanian Research interest: understanding the mechanism of unstable attractors and the occurence of heteroclinic cycles