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Scheme on You

Most of my research activities are based, or use, the functional programming language Scheme. From this page, you may access on online version of the definition of this language, the Revised5 Report on Scheme.


Here is my classified list of publications:

They may also be accessed in one single page.


Open your source

I contribute to make free softwares available. I'm in charge of the following ones: Bigloo (the optimizing Scheme compiler) Hop (A language for programming the web 2.0) Biglook (the Bigloo graphical toolkit) Skribe (a functional markup programming language) Flyspell (On-the-fly Emacs spell checker).

In addition to the ones I implement, I exclusively use free softwares. Amongst these 99% are open source. Here is a selection of the ones I use the most frequently:

  • All my computers run GNU/Linux. I have successively used the RedHat distribution, Mandrake, then Debian. After two years spent with Gentoo. Gentoo was great in the first place but unfortunately it has became too instable and I have had to drop it. I now use the Arch distribution. It is very nice so far. Updates go smoothly and it is possible to update from binary packages or from the sources.
  • I edit everything with Emacs.
  • I compile my C and C++ programs with Gcc.
  • My window manager is a patched version of Pekwm. It is light (the running process occupies less than 4MB) and fast. The patch (applicable to the version 0.1.3) fixes a nasty bug of window focus and a incompatibility with Emacs focus/unfocus operations. I use pekwm in conjunction with a thin toolbar.
  • I read my mails with a patched version of HopMail and compose them with Emacs.
  • I synchronize the disks of my computers with Unison.
  • I manages my versions with Mercurial.
  • I compose my slides with Hop and I visualize them with Firefox.
  • I browse the web with Firefox. From time to time I visualize local HTML files with Dillo.

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