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-- Ubiquitous Programming

[43]Gallesio, E. and Serrano, M. -- Ubiquitous Mail -- Proceedings of the Sixth ACM sigplan Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming, Tallinn, Estonia, Sep, 2005, pp. 69--76.
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Bimap is a tool for synchronizing IMAP servers. It enables two or more IMAP mirrored servers to be modified independently and later on, synchronized. Bimap is versatile so, in addition to synchronizing emails, it can be used for filtering and classifying emails. For the sake of the example, the paper shows automatic emails classification and white-listing programmed with Bimap.

Bimap is implemented in Scheme. The most important parts of its implementation are presented in this paper with the intended goal to demonstrate that Scheme is suited for programming tasks that are usually devoted to scripting languages such as Perl or Python. With additional libraries, Scheme enables compact and efficient implementation of this distributed networked application because the main computations that require efficiency are executed in compiled code and only the user configurations are executed in interpreted code.

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