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    87 références sur: Statique


    Maeda K. and others .
    An analysis of passive impedance of 6-dof direct-drive wrist joint.
    In IMACS/SICE Int. Symp. on Robotics, Mechatronics, and Manufacturing Systems, pages 433-438, Kobe, 16-20 Septembre 1992
    Keywords: statics,passive compliance.

    Mao Y. and others .
    Human movement training with a cable driven ARm EXsokeleton (CAREX).
    IEEE Trans. on Neural and Rehabilitation Engineering, 23(1):84-92, 2015.
    Keywords: wire robot,mechanical architecture,applications,medical,statics.

    McCloy D.
    Some comparisons of serial-driven and parallel driven manipulators.
    Robotica, 8(4):355-362, 1990.
    Keywords: 2 dof robot,workspace,statics,stiffness.

    McColl D. and Notash L.
    Extension of the Antipodal theorem to workspace analysis of planar wire-actuated manipulators.
    In Computational Kinematics, pages 9-16, Duisburg, 6-8 Mai 2009
    Keywords: wire robot,planar robot,statics,workspace.

    McColl D. and Notash L.
    Workspace formulation of planar wire-actuated parallel manipulators.
    Robotica, 29(4):607-617, Juillet 2011
    Keywords: wire robot,planar robot,statics,workspace.

    Mejia L., Simas H., and Martins D.
    Force capability polytope of a $4-\underline{R}RR$ redundant planar parallel manipulator.
    In ARK, pages 87-94, Ljulbjana, 29 Juin-3 Juillet, 2014
    Keywords: redundant robot,planar robot,statics.

    Merlet J-P.
    Kinematics, singular configurations and compliance of parallel manipulators.
    In ICAR, pages 125-136, Versailles, 13-15 Octobre 1987
    Keywords: kinematics,singularity,statics.

    Merlet J-P.
    Les Robots parallèles.
    Hermès, Paris, 1990.

    Merlet J-P.
    Les robots parallèles, 21 Juin 1993
    Habilitation à diriger les recherches, UNSA, Nice.

    Merlet J-P.
    Les Robots parallèles.
    Hermès, Paris, 1997.

    Merlet J-P.
    Efficient estimation of the extremal articular forces of a parallel manipulator in a translation workspace.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 1982-1987, Louvain, 18-20 Mai 1998

    http://www-sop.inria.fr/coprin/PDF/merlet_ieee98-force.pdf, Keywords: statics,design,performance analysis.

    Merlet J-P.
    Checking the cable configuration of cable-driven parallel robots on a trajectory.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 1586-1591, Hong-Kong, 31 Mai-7 Juin, 2014

    http://www-sop.inria.fr/coprin/PDF/merlet_icra2014.pdf, Keywords: wire robot,statics,simulation.

    Merlet J-P.
    The influence of discrete-time control on the kinematico-static behavior of cable-driven parallel robot with elastic cables.
    In ARK, pages 113-121, Ljulbjana, 29 Juin-3 Juillet, 2014

    http://www-sop.inria.fr/coprin/PDF/merlet_ark2014.pdf, Keywords: wire robot,statics,control.

    Merlet J-P.
    The kinematics of cable-driven parallel robots with sagging cables: preliminary results.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 1593-1598, Seattle, 26-30 Mai 2015
    Keywords: wire robot,kinematics,statics.

    Mikelsons L. and others .
    A real-time capable force calculation algorithm for redundant tendon-based parallel manipulators.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 3869-3874, Pasadena, 19-23 Mai 2008
    Keywords: wire robot,statics.

    Moosavian A. and Xi F.
    Modular design of parallel robots with static redundancy.
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    Keywords: redundant robot,statics,mechanical architecture.

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    Internal preload control of redundantly actuated parallel manipulators.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 960-965, Barcelona, 19-22 Avril 2005
    Keywords: planar robot,redundant robot,statics,control.

    Müller A.
    Internal preload control of redundantly actuated parallel manipulators-Its application to backlash avoiding control.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 21(4):668-677, Août 2005
    Keywords: dynamics,redundant robot,statics,control.

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    Keywords: statics.

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    Analysis and implementation of a Stewart platform-based force sensor for passive compliant robotic assembly.
    In IEEE Proc. of the Southeast Conf'91, pages 880-884, Williamsburg, 7-10 Avril 1991
    Keywords: statics,force sensor,passive compliance,kinematics,hardware,assembly.

    Nguyen C.C. and others .
    Analysis and experimentation of a Stewart platform-based force/torque sensor.
    Int. J. of Robotics and Automation, 7(3):133-141, 1992.
    Keywords: statics,force sensor,passive compliance,kinematics,hardware,assembly.

    Nokleby S.B. and others .
    Force capabilities of redundantly-actuated parallel manipulators.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 40(5):578-599, Mai 2005
    Keywords: redundant robot,statics,planar robot,performance analysis.

    Nokleby S.B. and others .
    Force-moment capabilities of redundantly-actuated planar-parallel architectures.
    In 12th IFToMM World Congress on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Besancon, 18-21 Juin 2007
    Keywords: planar robot,redundant robot,statics,performance analysis.

    Notash L.
    Failure recovery for wrench capability of wire-actuated parallel manipulators.
    Robotica, 30(6):941-950, Septembre 2012
    Keywords: wire robot,statics,safety,redundant robot.

    Notash L.
    Impact of perturbation on wire tension vector.
    In ARK, pages 41-49, Ljulbjana, 29 Juin-3 Juillet, 2014
    Keywords: wire robot,statics.

    Oh S-R. and Agrawal S.K.
    Cable-suspended planar parallel robots with redundant cables: controller with positive cable tensions.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 3023-3028, Taipei, 14-19 Septembre 2003
    Keywords: wire robot,redundant robot,control,statics.

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    Control of force distribution in robotic mechanisms containing closed kinematic chains.
    ASME J. of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, 102(2):134-141, Juin 1981
    Keywords: dynamics,statics.

    Osumi H. and others .
    Development of a manipulator suspended to parallel wire structure.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Takamatsu, Japan, 30 Octobre-5 Novembre, 2000
    Keywords: wire robot,planar robot,statics,control.

    Otis M.J.D. and others .
    Interference estimated time of arrival on a 6-dof cable-driven haptic foot platform.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 1067-1072, Kobe, 14-16 Mai 2009
    Keywords: wire robot,statics,haptic device,trajectory planning.

    Otis M.J.D. and others .
    Cable tension control and analysis of reel transparancy for 6-dof haptic foot platform on a cable-driven locomotion interface.
    J. of Electrical, Computer & Systems Eng, pages 16-29, 2009.
    Keywords: wire robot,statics,applications,medical.

    Ottaviano E.
    A system for tension monitoring in cable-based parallel architectures.
    In 12th IFToMM World Congress on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Besancon, 18-21 Juin 2007
    Keywords: wire robot,statics.

    Ouyang B. and Shang W-W.
    Wrench-feasible workspace based optimization of the fixed and moving platforms for cable-driven parallel manipulators.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 30(6):629-635, Décembre 2014
    Keywords: wire robot,workspace,statics,optimal design,mechanical architecture.

    Ouyang B. and Shang W-W.
    A new computation method for the force-closure workspace of cable-driven parallel manipulators.
    Robotica, 33(3):537-547, Mars 2015
    Keywords: wire robot,workspace,statics.

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    Static performance improvement of an industrial robot by means of a cable-driven redundantly actuated system.
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    Keywords: wire robot,hybrid robot,statics.

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    Analysis of static equilibrium of a parallel manipulator.
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    Keywords: inverse kinematics,hybrid robot,statics.

    Pasila F. and otehrs .
    Inverse static analysis of massive parallel arrays of three-state actuators via artificial intelligence.
    In RoManSy, Paris, 12-15 Juin 2012
    Keywords: planar robot,binary robot,statics.

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    Workspace analysis of fully restrained cable-driven manipulators.
    Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 57(9):901-912, Septembre 2009
    Keywords: wire robot,workspace,statics.

    Piao J. and others .
    Open-loop position control of a polymer cable–driven parallel robot via a viscoelastic cable model for high payload workspaces.
    Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 9(12), 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,statics,accuracy.

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    High speed control of a parallel robot.
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    Keywords: kinematics,statics,dynamics,control.

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    Evaluation of velocity capabilities for redundant parallel robot.
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    Keywords: planar robot,redundant robot,statics,performance analysis.

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    Closed-form force distribution for parallel wire robots.
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    Keywords: wire robot,statics.

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    Keywords: wire robot,workspace,statics.

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    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 48:51-58, Décembre 2017
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    Keywords: wire robot,statics,stiffness.

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    Constraint singularities of force transmission in nonredundant parallel robots with less than six degrees of freedom.
    ASME J. of Mechanical Design, 125(3):557-563, Septembre 2003
    Keywords: singularity,statics.

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