IBM Cellulose

An individual-based model for the degradation of one cellulose bead (dozens of micrometers in diameter) by cellulolytic bacteria. Developed in 2013 in the context of the ANR Syscom project DISCO and the RNCS MnMs .

Context & authors

It was developed within the ANR Syscomm (SYStèmes COmplexes et Modélisation Mathématique) project DISCO (Multi-scale modelling bioDIversity Structure COupling in biofilms) and the RNSC network MnMs (Modèles Numériques pour les écosystèmes Microbiens). Authors: Ariane Bize (IRSTEA), Fabien Campillo (INRIA), Chloé Deygout (ANR).


We make an extensive use of the nice matlab function convolve2 developed by David Young. See the git repository: