NS Simulator Course for Beginners

           Lecture Notes, Sept 2002
                         Univ. de Los Andes,
                           Merida, Venezuela

                   Eitan Altman, Tania Jimenez

The lecture notes are availbe in postscript.

The following slides of the course are available in postscript format:
  1. Simulating RED (french).
  2. Simulating Diffserv (English).
  3. Simulating RVs (English).

                                                       NS InterSIM
                      Toolbox for performance evaluation of
                                 INTERNET PROTOCOLS:

* Performance Evaluation of TCP

* Unicast and multicast routing

* RED queue

* Diffserv

* Local Area Networks

* Classical Queueing Models

* Mobile networks

* Others



avr.awk Computing the average
stdv.awk Computing thestandard deviation.


throughput.pl Computing the throughput
column.pl Extracting a column from a file

Some references and links:

The Network Simulator Home Page
The ns Manual
Nortel-Diffserv module manual for ns
Marc Greis's tutorial
Tutorial by Jae Chung and Mark Claypool
RED Queue Management page