Cécile Picard-Limpens

Journal papers

Advances in Modal Analysis
Using a Robust and Multi-Scale Method

Cécile Picard, Christian Frisson, François Faure, George Drettakis, Paul G. Kry
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing
Special issue on Digital Audio Effects
Volume 2010 (2010), Article ID 392782, 12 pages, doi:10.1155/2010/392782
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Conference papers

Mapping Objects with the Surface Editor

Alain Crevoisier and Cécile Picard-Limpens
In Proceedings of New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference, NIME'11, (May 2011)

The Surface Editor is a software tool for creating control interfaces and mapping input actions to OSC or MIDI actions very easily and intuitively. Originally conceived to be used with a tactile interface, the Surface Editor has been extended to support the creation of graspable interfaces as well. This paper presents a new framework for the generic mapping of user actions with graspable objects on a surface.

Towards User-friendly Audio Creation

Robust Multi-Scale Modal Synthesis

Cécile Picard, Christian Frisson, Damien Tardieu,
Jean Vanderdonckt, and Thierry Dutoit

In Proceedings of Audio Mostly 2010 Conference (Sept. 2010)

This paper presents a new approach to sound composition for soundtrack composers and sound designers. We propose a tool for usable sound manipulation and composition that targets sound variety and expressive rendering of the composition. Our method processes a database of prerecordings for segmentation and semi-automatically composes the obtained audio grains according to a given recording model, following rhythmic and timbre evolution coherence.

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Multimodal Guitar:
A Toolbox For Augmented Guitar Performances

L. Reboussière, C. frisson, O. Lahdeoja, J. A. Mills, Cécile Picard, T.Todoroff.
In Proceedings of New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) Conference, NIME’10, (June 2010)

A Robust And Multi-Scale Modal Analysis
for Sound Synthesis

Robust Multi-Scale Modal Synthesis

Cécile Picard, François Faure, George Drettakis,
and Paul G. Kry

12th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects DAFx-09 (Sept. 2009)

We propose a generic method for modal analysis that preserves sound variety across the surface of an object, at different scales of resolution and for a variety of complex geometries. The technique performs automatic voxelization of a surface model and automatic tuning of the parameters of hexahedral finite elements, based on the distribution of material in each cell.

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Retargetting Example Sounds
to Interactive Physics-Driven Animations

Retargetting Example Sounds

Cécile Picard, Nicolas Tsingos, and François Faure
AES 35th International Conference (Feb. 2009)
Sound and Music for Games, JAES 57(6), June 2009

A novel approach to generate audio in the context of interactive animations driven by a physics engine is proposed. The technique allows synthesizing non-repetitive sounding events and provides extended authoring capabilities. It can be used for generating interactive audio in the context of simulations driven by a physics engine.

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See also: Sound and Music for Games, JAES 57(6), June 2009, (2 Mb)

Audio Texture Synthesis
for Complex Contact Interactions

Audio Texture Synthesis
Cécile Picard, Nicolas Tsingos, and François Faure
Eurographics Workshop in Virtual Reality Interaction and Physical Simulation VRIPHYS (Nov. 2008)

To address complex contact sounds, and in particular rolling on rough surfaces, surface texturing is introduced. Visual textures of objects in the environment are reused as a discontinuity map to create audible position-dependent variations during continuous contacts. The resulting synthetic profiles are then used in real time to provide an excitation force to a modal resonance model of the sounding objects.

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