Cécile Picard-Limpens

Workshop Live Connections
at Electron Festival, Geneva (CH), in April 2011.

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I co-organized the workshop Live Connections with Alain Crevoiser and Vincent Pezzi, during the Electron Festival, in April 2011.
"The Live Connections project stands as a platform for exchanging knowledge and experimenting the use of interfaces in audio and visual performances. The interface is the necessary link between gesture and music, or gesture and images, as musical instruments do but with the possibility to completely reinvent the form and action. The interface becomes a place of experimentation and a new art form, where everyone is free to invent new interactions between the gesture and the sonic or visual result (or even other kinds of results). As a central point, the practice questions the notion of performance and the meaning of the presence and action on stage. Ultimately the interface is not an end in itself but rather a means to stage a unique project of musical or audiovisual performance."

ACCEPTED paper at ISEA Conference 2011

Todor Todoroff and Cécile Picard-Limpens
To appear.

ACCEPTED paper at Audio Mostly Conference 2011

A Framework for Tangible Sonic Interaction

Cécile Picard-Limpens and Alain Crevoisier
To appear.

ACCEPTED demo at INTETAIN Conference 2011

INSIDE: Intuitive Sonic Interaction Design for Education and Entertainment

Alain Crevoisier and Cécile Picard-Limpens

Workshop Audio-graphic Modeling and Interaction

This workshop organized within the NIME 2011 conference, focuses on recent advances and future prospects in modelling and rendering audio-graphic scenes.
I am part of the committee of this workshop.