Getting Mascopt

Web access

  • go to the download page
  • Download the mascoptDev-x.y.tar.gz which is Mascopt Dev
  • tar -xzvf mascoptDev-x.y.tar.gz

CVS on INRIA network in Mascotte Team

In a shell, on the INRIA network, do:

export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs checkout -P mascoptDev
cd mascoptDev

An other way to get mascopt, which can be usefull if your computer is not on the INRIA network is to use this command:

export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -d checkout -P mascoptDev
cd mascoptDev

where "login" is replaced by your UNIX login.

CVS from World Wild Web

In a shell, you can get mascoptDev as an anonymous user:

cvs -d checkout -P mascoptDev
cd mascoptDev

As an anonymous user, your are not allowed to commit your modifications in mascoptDev. If you want to propose patchs, programs, please, contact the authors.

What contains Mascopt Dev ?

The cvs or tar command will create a sub-directory mascoptDev which contains a precise architecture.

  • bin which contains scripts which launch applications
  • docs wich contains the documentation
  • files which contains some files of graphs or networks
  • jar which contains the jar files
  • licences all the licences of each part of provided code
  • src which contains the source code of algorithms developed by users. This is the place where you can put the code of your algorithm.
  • samples which contains some samples references of classes of mascopt.
  • tests wich contains bad code of developers, where they test their algorithms

And then ?

You should go to the Installation Manual